The Race to Build the World's First Hyperloop | The B1M

We could be seeing the future of travel between cities as this new technology will significantly reduce travel time as well as allow people easier access to work in one city while living in another. There are several countries currently slated to be be developing infrastructure projects that are now in on this concept in the race to being the first to have a HyperLoop system fully operational.

For a more detailed explanation just what is Hyperloop, watch this video below.

Impressive…except for the ridiculous artist rendition showing a tube paralleling the Golden Gate Bridge with supports so spaced and elevation so low that no large boats or ships can pass under the bridge.

I think that is just for optical effect for marketing purposes and doesn’t have a practical expectation.

Can you imagine taking a trip from Atlanta to Dallas that takes only minutes instead of hours? This to me is not only the future of travel but it’s going to revolutionise the way we live. Environmentalist should be on board with this.

They’ll need to get the carrying capacity way up for it to pay off. I would guess the fare will be high…since time is money!

How would they justify the costs? Seeing that it’s takes little fuel to operate this, and a lot of the infrastructure to be built is going to be subsidised by government investment. Cost of fuel is a driver for justifying the airline industry’s overhead cost for charging high ticket prices, but this project is going to extremely cheap to operate.

Creating and maintaining a near vacuum in hundreds of miles of tubing that diameter will not cheap. Magnetic levitation and propulsion will also not be free.

The creating part is open source and a combination of private investment along with Gov subsidies. The cost part is certainly going to be a lot cheaper than conventional methods of travel. The benefits outweighs the cons in the long term. Short term it may be pricy but if demand warrants it, then over time it will be cost effective with a good return on investments.

Lowering air pressure ( near vacuum ) along the stretch would be challenging. Also passengers gotta breathe.

Those issues have already been resolved. Hence the fact it’s being built. Also passengers breathing: the capsules that passengers travel in are pressurised.