The Queen is dead

No comment.

Who cares… I don’t get the interest .

As a Constitutional Monarch and figure head it seems unlikely anyone else could have been better. She was the incarnation of the British People: pleasant, honorable but harmless… an aged lady carrying on till the end…
I seem to remember that the Kings of England named Charles have all come to a bad end.

It’s not that simple. She obviously died a few years ago and there’s been somebody else masquerading as the queen (who is much younger and doesn’t quite speak “Queen’s English.” )

Now this official announcement will probably unleash unexpected series of events.

In her younger days she was stunning.

This video may get taken down soon.

The Windsors are Germans in essence.

Tuckers monologue was great tonight, made GB seem interesting.

Damn black ppl are just pissing all over the queen. I’ve discovered how much wealth and prosperity Colonialism brought Africa, and India. When GB left turned to murderous Regimes.

This nasty c you next Tuesday has to log off, because she can’t stop laughing at the queens death

R.I.P Western civilization as the last unwoke Monarch has just passed.

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Montage of the Queen from every decade

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