The poster Manhattan has changed my head line 100 times nothing has been done?

What am I supposed to do? I reported it.
Now he’s trying to stir up mob violence on this site to attack me with a poll. This child is having a nervous breakdown. Why should I have to be attacked on here?

Now he threatens me

Jitss617 The Great Liar and Hypocrite

Imaginary world Jitss617 lives in. Lets list the lies he has told here shall we.

Claims to be part of a clandestine Security Force
Claimed to have appeared on Steve Bannon’s show
Claims to know Steven Bannon and that he is friends with him
Claims that books are written about himself
Claims to have graduated from college
Claims to have served in the military
Claims to create duplicate threads by mistake even though admitted he does so on purpose

Makes the assertions that when his favorite team loses the opposing team cheats so he doesn’t pay a bet he made and loses
Lies about conversations he invents and posts on this site
Inserts pictures about of famous bodybuilders and claims they are him
Invents ficticious events such as flying to foreign countries on special missions as if he is a special James Bond character
Continuously inserts lies in all the conversations he has here about other people
Creates fictitious dialogue of other people here and claims they are true.

Moderators see it too!

No one here respects him because he is a pathological liar. This is not normal behavior!

Over 100 times… changed my post

Again weak sauce showing his low level IQ because he has nothing else!