The Politburo Occupied White House Pissed Off After Pro-Marxism NYT Calls Out EO Dictatorship

Well, so the Pro-Marxism, Anti-American, White Christian HATING New York Slimes has pissed off The Politburo Occupied White House, they have done this after calling the latter out for the overuse aka ABUSE of using Executive Orders aka Bypassing DEMOCRATIC means to pass legislation as they KNOW the shit they are doing is NOT POPULAR and thus they DON’T have the VOTES and so The Politburo is Ruling By Decree like they have done in ALL Totalitarian Regimes.

^^^^ The last line, yes come on TAKE THIS SHIT to the FEDERAL COURTS and get Patriotic Anti-Commie, Anti-Totalitarian Dictatorship Judges to STRIKE these ABUSIVE EO DOWN.

The back and forth of EO’s is making America look schizophrenic.

Congress has given too much power away and refuses to do their jobs leaving it in the hands of the courts.

No one is going to want to put roots down in this country or contribute to building jobs or the economy if it can be wiped out with the stroke of a pen.

Roots!? They come here take and leave … they hate America


Putting down roots means to me a person trying to build something. Open a business. Employ people. Invest in the community.

I’m all for merit based immigration. Be a net positive to the country. The country has to be stable in order to attract that not just from those who are citizens but those who want to be citizens.

I’m in a urban areaa, I know Bulgarian‘s Latinos Haitians, you name it russiansZz THEY HATE AMERICA, they all tell me they want to send money back home, and move back, my dishwasher has 6 houses in El Salvador!

We need to assimilate! We need guns! The disrespect is way to much

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Well, that kind of is an attitude is a problem. We see it from the left who are born and raised in America, no?

Kind of an aside story, I just had some windows replaced and the crew that came in are first and second generation from Poland (yes, US Citizens)

They worked their butts off, got the job done. One hell of a good work ethic with a fantastic outlook on being in America.

I guess it all depends on who and what you are exposed to.

I understand your pocket and those like them. There are also pockets that are nothing like them.

I am having an extremely hard time envisioning bringing my family back to America. This is also extremely painful for me to contemplate especially family members who desperately want to meet my son. How can I justify bringing him back and corrupting him. I could never live with myself. The rest of world think Americans are pure evil and crazy after seeing what is happening in the past week and I tell them only 1/2 of them are the rest were lied to.


Yes they work hard but I noticed immigrants act like fascist meaning they are nationalist and create there own little community in America, they speak their language, they don’t care to learn American culture.

First, it is a consideration and I’m happy that you can have the freedom to decide what is best for you and your family.

Second, your son won’t be corrupted with good family values and morals to guide him. No more than the generation that was aghast at Elvis.

The world should see liberalism as pure evil and crazy. Not America or what it stands for. The lib cities are killing the states and as a result, the rest of the country.

Not my experience. Then again, I live in an ultra conservative area. Those that act what like you describe are given quite the cold shoulder.

I am mostly concerned about safety, and the culture around him. There are some things I can not control obviously! I am still separated from them and in two weeks it will be a year.

Immigrants tend to assimilate In republican areas… Democrats it’s a cluster fuck of division and hate

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Exactly but when a county is being deliberately destroyed from within its hard to imagine having any future. IMO it comes down to states sovereignty rather than the country now.

You are and will be his safety and culture.

Nor can anyone in any given circumstance. I live in a pretty conservative area. Folks look out for one another. My community and neighbors are amazingly good folks.

I’m aware and my heart hurts for you. I’d like to ask you what role this has in your life and how can you use it and your talents to make a difference for others?

BTW, I’m limited to 3 posts now. No offense if I don’t reply. It is because I can’t :woman_shrugging:

All countries are in a state of flux and change. You will never escape that.

Family, community are the backbone of raising your son. You. Your wife. Your morals. Your values.

Those are the important things.

Biden is just a tool. Remember, if it were not for Obama we would not have had Trump. :wink:

You are truly blessed and how I envy you, at the same I am also cognisant to acknowledge that envy is a sin. However it’s something I struggle with daily so forgive me!

Well, I have written an entire collection of music, and donated a lot of my time to feeding and aiding the poor in Hong Kong as well as learning about the social issues that plague the lower working class during the pandemic. So much so, now will be embarking on a documentary film series while also telling my story.

I am leaving for Guam in the next two weeks in order to regroup as I have exhausted all my Visa extensions in HK and being asked to leave.

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No, I have my fair share of burdens as we all do. I’m just trying to tell you that you can find a community wherever you decide to go. Not everything is doom and gloom.

Go where your heart takes you. I go where mine does or at least I try to. Sometimes I fail. But it isn’t because my heart was in the wrong place at that moment in time.

I tried to message you, but I can’t. I’ll just put it out here for everyone to see… You are a good man. I hope everything works out well for you.

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I am a work in progress as “D” can attest to that! :rofl: As others can too. I project my frustrations and anger on the liberals here something I am trying to change, but to be honest after this election I am just digressing sometimes to find anything to be hopeful about that justice will prevail.

So thank you for the kind words. I stand with the commoner, working class and the many Americans such as yourself who are struggling! You are in my prayers everyday!


Thank you, Doc. I’m not a college educated guy. I’m a life long Cabinet Maker, by trade. I am struggling right now. I know you are a God fearing man. I am also. I just keep the faith and thank God every day for what I have. He has provided through this whole farce of a pandemic. I know he will see me through this. I know he will see you through, as well.