The plight of children sex tourists leave behind - half-white children in Third World countries

Their fathers visited the Philippines to buy sex: now a generation of children want to track them down


I really can’t help but feel that sex tourists are some of the lowest forms of life on earth. A few fleeting moments of pleasure for them versus a lifetime of misery for those they leave behind without so much as a care in the world.

I read that Guardian article. Here are two noteworthy quotes:

The men hold cock fights nearby, the birds fighting to the death…The men who live here are construction workers building the hotels that support the sex tourism industry, or drivers, or security guards.

The mothers are often themselves the children of sex workers and foreigners without a name; these young children are a third generation abandoned by their fathers.

Instead of cock fights, the men should have fought off sex tourists who preyed on their women. Furthermore, why didn’t the women insist on contraceptives or specifically condoms? Children being born in such large numbers suggest that this is a planned racket. Girls with Caucasian features fetch a larger sum when they are adult prostitutes. So having a child with such features ensures a steady retirement income for the mothers and the larger extended family.

I am not being callous here. I need an answer on why there are such high numbers of half-Caucasian children among Filipino prostitutes when various NGOs distribute condoms for free in the Third World.

I guess examples like these would be used to justify the creation of a genetic database of all residents worldwide one day.

Also, the Guardian’s neoliberal racism clearly shows through here. Why didn’t they just publish a few photos of half black children?

81% of the Philippines are Catholic many Catholics do not use protection.

Sex tourists hit the bottom of the perversion barrel, break through and wallow in the slime below.

Speaking of children abandoned by their fathers.

So… they are Catholics who can’t use condoms but can prostitute themselves? Condoms are not in the 10 Commandments (or any scripture) but adultery sure is.

While I do not condone sex tourists in any way, I think even the “victims” are playing tango here.

Not a bad way to create offshore anchor babies.

That’s an interesting thought. I hadn’t thought of that before. I do believe it could be plausible.

But anyway, just to point out, no single type of birth control is really 100% fool-proof. If you’re a sex worker having sex with hundreds of men, you’re going to get pregnant, it’s just an inevitability.