The Perpetually Offended

"Many social media users took issue with the photo, claiming that Simpson’s remark was insensitive, hurtful, and just not inclusive enough to some women who don’t — or can’t — breastfeed their babies.

One user wrote, “What a great way to make others who can’t [breastfeed] feel like failures. Think before you post.”

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If memory serves me right that girl was always very well endowed. I’m not surprised that she can fill up a bottle of breast milk. In fact nobody should really be surprised by that. What I don’t understand is how anyone could be offended? Breasts produce milk when women have children. That’s why they have breasts and men don’t. There is nothing offensive about that.

I agree.

I’m a fat 5 ft. 10 inch white guy.

I’m offended that I can’t dunk a basketball, therefore, no one should be able to dunk a basketball,


Well, there’s the women who’ve paid medical lynch mobs to kill all their kids, guys who think they’re women, gals to think they’re men, homosexuals, “white privilege”, etc as well as just folks who look for reasons to be offended.

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Yeah I always forget about those people since they don’t really matter anyway. They may be loud and they may like to cry a lot but they can’t change the fact that a woman produces milk from her breasts. No matter how much they scream and cry women are still going to produce breast milk.

You are correct. Jessica Simpson has massive set of milkers. She’s somewhat of a landwhale now. Her body grew into her tits. No one should be offended that she is a titcow who should be locked up in the Braap Barn a few times a week.