The Perfect Storm is Arriving Soon

Can’t say I disagree with you, however this current problem of diesel shortage is going to be an extremely big issue especially if our economy comes to a complete stop if something is not done soon. Just as you articulated, maybe they are wanting to create a crisis in order to use it as an excuse to centralize power and take control of the industry, which it is also right out of the communist playbook. If they succeed in doing that then we are no longer a free market economy.


So the Puppet President berates Big Energy again… this time he accuses them of the diesel shortage .

Hypocritical to the end. This year’s "OCTOBER SURPRISE"is that Americans àre beginning to side with the Big Energy moguls because Biden’s policy is clearly responsible.
And what has Joe Biden ever done for Energy in America except criticize and hamper and over regulate them???
I would not co -operate with that foolishness of the Democrats either. Except for the fact I have a heart for Americans, I would tell the Democrats to go to H*** and they can use a bicycle to get there!!!

This is this shit that bothers me, I know when I return to the states from Mogadishu will the stores be stocked? Will there be chaos like I’m in now?

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He really thinks we can power America with wind turbines. Lol

It’s funny I have a relative who voted for Biden he’s retired, lol
His energy bills are through the roof! His stocks are all tanked, but because the media has absolutely brain washed normal Americans he can’t see through the BS

It’s really sad what left wing media has done to Americans.

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Back when I was much younger, the ACLU sued to get Nazis the right to march in Skokie, Ill. They took the position that, even though everyone despises them, Nazis get the right to free speech. It’s been a long time since the ACLU stood on principle. Now they look the other way when flagrant violations of that principle occur.

I never thought I’d see what’s happening now in this country. So, there are few things that I put outside of the possible when it comes to government. Nationalizing things is a little bit of a stretch, but not by much. There will come a time when they need scapegoats for the economic chaos they have caused.

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And here we are.

Revisiting this thread to see what have we missed and apparently some were on the mark in warning us for things to come in 2023