The Parnas Tapes Leaked... Is Trump In Trouble?

You got a tl;dr for this? Want to share your opinion on why this matters? Or are you just here to get us to click on your website? I’m newer here but I can tell you right now you picked the wrong place for that.


New or not new. Your insights and contributions are what count. :heart:


I hate when new people do this. Lurk more!

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You should probably respond. You did this on a Friday and you don’t know where you are :exploding_head:

First time posting. Doesn’t say shit but drops a link.

Speaking of leaked tapes did you catch this one?

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This is the ultimate bombshell. Trump fully exonerated. 2020. Three terms and three scoops!

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I suppose you didn’t see that this was covered already in another thread.

@abtobrk00 starts a threat titled: The Parnas Tapes Leaked… Is Trump In Trouble?

Doesn’t provide the answer to the question or an assessment. Just drops a link to his random shitty website and expects everyone to be impressed and interact positively.

How about I go to your house, let myself in, post a giant retarded sticker on your bedroom wall, and then walk out without saying a word. Would you like that?


I don’t know OP. Is Trump in trouble? Why don’t you tell us since you started the fucking thread and dumped this shit in my inbox?


Nice! Now I can get all my news from thenews-zone seems super legit.

Lol, got admit that was good…

Where is the link to the tales???

If you’re going to post a comment like this at least post the link as it isn’t included in the article other wise it’s just garbage trolling.

Better to have useful information than post garbage twitter comments that link only to the article.



Ok. I think OP got the message. Don’t use us to selfishly draw traffic to your site without contributing to this community meaningfully.

Thread locked.