The Next Scapegoat ---> not who you think

I already know somehow, that the biases we see in practically every media we use on this planet are the work of clever programmers employed to effectively spread many types of propaganda to their intended target audience. We all know that artificial intelligence is currently gainfully employed in the marketing sector online and otherwise; so it’s reasonable to assume that “they” are currently using A.I. to indoctrinate, obfuscate, and fabricate on an Orwellian scale.

I PREDICT that as we expose these algorithms, their intended function, and source, we will see every single culprit blaming the A.I. itself and they will parade a slew of ‘experts’ to tell us how “there is no way we could have predicted this problem”.

Mark Suckerbird probably has the press release already composed and saved as a draft on his personal device. :fu:

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