The next mutation panic is about to begin,

Could this be the on that bypasses the vaccines?

Site for tracking the virus world wide:

As CBS News correspondent Debora Patta reports, there’s serious concern among experts that the new strain could set back the fight against the pandemic.

South African officials say the variant, which has more mutations than previously detected strains that have emerged around the world, marks a huge “jump in the evolution” of the virus since the global health crisis began two years ago.

The concern is that it could be more transmissible and or more resistant to the current vaccine formulas, according to public health expert Professor Salim Abdool Karim.

“If this variant is as, or more transmissible than the Delta variant, it will be very difficult to anticipate it, to do anything different to what we have seen, which is that it would grow and spread across the world,” he told CBS News.

South African scientists have been working around the clock this week to determine just how bad the new variant, which thus far is being referred to only as B.1.1.529, really is. Lab results are still a few weeks away. But despite the World Health Organization’s call for “a risk-based and scientific approach” as it urged nations not to adopt travel restrictions yet, some countries decided not to wait for the detailed scientific analysis. Britain, France and Israel have cancelled direct flights from South Africa and surrounding nations. So far fewer than 100 cases of the new variant have been confirmed, largely among young people in South Africa, who have the lowest vaccination rate in the country.

A mutation possibly derived from an aids infected person.

The novel variant of out of South Africa is highly mutated, several countries, including the U.K. and Israel, have initiated travel bans from the region. The unusual nature of this variant and the reported amount of mutations mean that scientists don’t know how well the present crop of vaccines will work against it.

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And the market over reacts.

Dow drops 900 points amid fears over new COVID-19 variant

The Dow Jones Industrial Average dropped 900 points on Friday amid fears over the new COVID-19 variant.

Stocks plunged as a number of countries moved to implement travel restrictions on southern Africa following the emergence of the new variant.

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blah, blah blah! So what? The fear mongering continues with you! There have always have been travel restrictions from African countries but I guess you don’t get around much in the world huh? If you did you would probably know that.

Let’s shut down the border… or de we just all die? Lol

Joe Biden is xenophobic… that racist son of a bitch lol

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This won’t be the last variant, either. IMO, folks just need to stop panicking. I’d love to see therapeutics have more attention and focus like the monoclonal antibodies.


They won’t allow therapeutics. Trump mentioned them.

Or the last booster needed ! So China unleashed germ warfare and no one seems to care or hold them accountable . Africa from AIDS to Nu …

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What fucking border ? Dems have done away with the concept of a border 45,000,000 and climbing .

There has to be some Authority that protects Americans from an open border. And administrators that are attacking us

Really , I have seen any such Authority .