The New World Order (NWO)



Wake Up!

I’m sorry but is there some point to this post? You incessantly post this utter nonsense without any context.

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I think he wants everyone to Wake Up!


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First you have to watch the video. You couldn’t have done it in 2 seconds after it was posted.
Then you have to read the posted pictures. Read it child. It’s in English. Or ask your daddy to explain it to you.


David sucks but it’s not unreasonable to expect people to start threads with some context. Give a tl;dr

The Commie doesn’t like it because it goes against the establishment of a communist dictatorship to rule the world. His biggest complaint about the Cold War with the USSR is that WE WON!

The socialist/communist movement is weak. The capitalist republic government is preferred by the common man. That is why the sicko Soviets had to build a wall in Berlin…to keep people from escaping their grip.

To HELL with the New World Order! States rights rule…as they should!


Some dimwits do not realize that the context can be embedded in a video. In such cases, one must watch the video to understand the context.


That has to be the dumbest video I’ve ever seen in my entire life. It’s nothing but low quality clips of politicians repeating the term New World Order. There was literally no purpose to the video. Is this what you people watch while you’re drooling into your spit buckets sitting on your couches stuffing your faces with fast food?


Likely that is a result of your being steeped in communist bullshit that you’re so gullible to swallow.

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Apparently you didn’t watch the video. Tell me what I missed.

Sorry, Charlie! I watched it entirely. You’re likely too brainwashed to understand any explanation of it. I’ll not waste my time or energy trying to educate a blooming idiot.

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@asaratis, just like his buddy that got banned here awhile ago; he is just picking a fight. He is just too ignorant to comprehend anything. Besides, all this happened before his time. So, it’s without a doubt, he is just plain clueless. :roll_eyes:


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Isn’t it strange that the word cognitive dissonance causes cognitive dissonance?

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In the case of @David and a few others; it’s just the state of having inconsistent thoughts, beliefs, or attitudes, especially as relating to behavioral decisions and attitude change.

Which is practically normal for them. :slight_smile:

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Isn’t it strange that you are incapable of using words to start a thread?


Communism is part and parcel of the planned New World Order.

or more plainly put,

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Count the words in the videos, doofus!

Would you have been satisfied had he said, “I like this.” or something similar?

…and as has happened in each installation of a communist regime, the first step will be to disarm the public, that being the non-governmental population, but not the government-controlled police and military.

The second step will be the execution of dissidents…by the millions.

Screw communism!
Long live the US 2nd Amendment!