This post is to bring attention to a new piece of legislation that is one of the most radical yet, and is supported by Ihan Omar and AOC which should tell you how radical it is. If this piece of legislation is allowed and signed into law, it would no doubt destroy the country as we know it.

Known as the “New Way Forward Act,” HR5383 is designed to give previously deported criminals a way back into the US at Tax payers expense. Not only that but the bill is designed to remake our entire immigration system that gives immunity to the most violent illegal Alien offenders.

This is by far the most outrageous piece of legislation yet, and it needs our serious attention right now! Please spread awareness about this Bill and get involved to help put a stop to this!

Link to the bill:

Tucker Carlson explains a little more in detail what this bill is about!

Video is time stamped


This is their strategy to completely destabilize the nation. Then, after about 5 years of chaos, the idea is that we demand the government save us. That would of course require giving up the Bill of Rights entirely.

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Ok - it’s a shit sandwich? What’s the game plan? We all know that Ilhan Omar is fraudulently here in the US and scammed the immigration system…yet our government does nothing about it and neither do we? Do we just stand here and watch Tucker tell us about some outrageous shit…or do we organize, demonstrate, and propose some outrageous shit ourselves?

When will it finally be time to act?

The time to act is long overdue. We need to take a lesson from the left and start organizing and showing up in force when stupid shit like this comes into the public eye.

Every one of us should copy this proposed bill and demand that our purported Representative explain what their position is with regard to this bill. We must demand that each go on the record and then publicized the contents. This Bill sells out America as we know it.

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Exactly! Like I said, if this Bill is successful then we no longer have a country. Its as simple as that. Action is needed.

That is a good point and couldn’t agree more.

So it’s not going to get support in the Senate, nor would the Pres sign it.

We should have a New Way Forward Act that would deport ALL illegal criminals to Muslim countries that supply and train Radical Islamic Terrorists and to ISIS so they wouldn’t return from the battlefield. If they survive , they can be given citizenship in any Muslim country of their choice.

We should go back to the old way forward. Kick their fuking ass out to their home country and keep them out.
We need to have our border look like the old border between East snd West Germany.

This is a bill that panders to Omar and AOC’s base.

It will never pass in the Senate.

How we take action is voting out the RHINO’s and trying to retake the House and hold the Senate.

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Even though you are right, it can’t be taken for granted that Republicans hold the Senate. 2020 should be about gaining control of both chambers in order to render the Democrats powerless. To me that is the only way forward if Trump is going to institute the rest of his agenda.

I agree.

Which is why I’ve said before that just because Trump is pretty much guaranteed to win 2020 it is not a time to be complacent. We need every ® voter to turn out so we don’t lose the Senate.

Even if for some reason, it made it through the Senate and landed on Trump’s desk, what are the chances of him signing it?

Probably slim to none, however these radical Dems are not going to stop unless they are destroyed politically!

Then there is this on the state level where Liberals are in control and causing the country extreme damage all because they care more about power than the security of the country!

Virginia’s auto insurance companies are now calculating rate increases for drivers in advance of accidents. Legal drivers will have to work another job to pay for these LEECHES.Legal Aid groups for these LEECHES are probably hiring lawyers to defend yhese SCUM Pro Bono and FUK you for legal fees.

I agree. If there is anything that should mobilize the conservative movement to begin protesting these politicians who clearly detest us, it is this legislation.

I live deep within Democrat controlled territory and I have been spamming my reps about this since yesterday. Of course they don’t respond but at least their inbox is getting filled up with junk.

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This is insane! Eventually they just tire us out with these endless asinine pieces of legislation. They thought they could pass this while no one was paying attention!

On the one hand, I do not expect this bill to actually pass, by a long shot. But the fact that a double-digit quantity of congressional members possess not only the insanity to privately hold the ideas of these proposals, but feel brazen enough to openly and immediately co-sponsor such amendments without fear of reprisal is a testament to the exact concerns voiced so many years ago, when your legislators are allowed to act with total impunity. What I personally see here is at least some opportunity: 44 traitors, migrants (of whatever generation) and foreign agents have openly presented themselves to you, and marked their names for all to see. It would be fair that the sponsor list is not the only list that their names are added to. It would also be fair that the good citizens of the US voice their concern to their ‘representatives’, to whatever degree they should see fit. At the very least, that they should not be allowed to retain their positions should be clear.

And of course, spread the news far and wide. There is currently a blackout of reporting on the subject.

This is just more proof that Democrats really are completely useless: they can’t get impeachment right, can’t run a primary, can’t count votes, but they got their rainbow: a pair of incompetent minorities running the show: one Hispanic and an unindicted Black Muslim accused rapist that is an attorney general, a KKK/Blackface governor determined to deprive the citizens of Virginia of their 2nd amendment rights, a reputed late stage alcoholic Speaker of the House whose district needs a poop map to avoid stepping in feces, and two chronic liars as committee chairmen. They send their children to Ukraine, China, and Romania to steal money the US Taxpayers provided as foreign aid and all got rich in office on a congressman’s salary.

They hate America when things are going well and disrespect the soldiers that have given their lives so these democrats can engage in shenanigans without speaking German or Russian or Chinese. If you challenge them on policy issues you are branded a RACIST by them and their flacks, the mainstream media.

These people are not worth the powder to blow them all to hell and many of them aren’t going to have a seat in the house after this term.

Now the stupid fools need to start over in Iowa because they want to cheat commie Bernie again

But they have their gays, muslims, blacks, mexicans, illegals, and all are FUCKING INCOMPETENT affirmative action dead-ends.

What a bunch of imbeciles

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