The New Springfield Waypoint Bolt Action

For those of you who are into Bolt Action Rifles this new Rifle from Springfield Armory is a Beauty. Without the Carbon fibre threaded option you are still looking at a MSRP of around 16 to $1700.00 as opposed to the former $2300.00. For those who love competing on the range this might be a nice toy to have. I know I want one.

"Precision manufactured in the USA, each Model 2020 is built to deliver the accuracy and performance expected from a custom grade rifle. The Model 2020 Waypoint features a premium carbon fiber stock and the option of a steel or carbon fiber barrel with an impressive .75 MOA accuracy guarantee.

Accuracy and performance begin with the all new Model 2020 action. Precision manufactured from premium materials, each Model 2020 action is the foundation for success and is designed to take advantage of today’s most advanced production techniques. Dual locking lugs on the fluted bolt run smoothly down EDM raceways for perfect, repeatable engagement while an optimized extraction cam provides robust, reliable extraction in any condition. Additionally, the bolt features dual cocking cams for ease of operation and toolless disassembly for maintenance."

Damn. This actually makes me want a bolt action.

Kinda useless unless you are living in a wide open space. There might be some decent applications in an urban environment in a SHTF scenario, but most people who are preparing won’t be sticking around cities for very long if that were the case.

This gun would be good for hunting and on the range. It wouldn’t be my first choice in a Urban setting. In that scenario an AR-15 or something comparable would be more useful. Unless you are part of a squad and the user is a specialist like a sniper then it might make sense.

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Yeah - the AR will remain the most versatile weapons platform available to the consumer. This would be a great tool if you had a squad of guys scavenging an urban area with someone on a rooftop providing sniper support.

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What I like though about this new Rifle is the composite materials used, it way lighter than your normal wood stock ones. Which makes carrying it less burdensome.

Ruger American is about $400.
Sub MOA accuracy.

I have one of the four 03s my father bought after WW2. All were still in cosmoline ( $35. each ). Mine is totally military, with a Kahle’s Competition telescopic sight. I had to find a top end gunsmith to mount the scope without drilling. To drill a classic like mine would have been sacrilege. Rifle - $35. Kahle’s scope ( used ) $1,800. [

KAHLES: Riflescopes

https://www. kahles .at/us/sport/products/ riflescopes

k624i professional choice for long distances. more information. k1050 competition shooting with extreme magnification

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I put a Savage .06 up against any high-dollar gun like that. When the bullets touch each other, they touch other.
Hell, I shot a Banty in the neck with 1 @ 100 yards in 2007.
Was going for a headshot, but it moves too quick when he’s pecking that corn.
Had to go for the pivot point.
I found out that Walmart Chicken is a deal!

My best big game hunting shot was with the family Winchester 45 - 70, taking down a Whitetail at about 550 - 575 yards with the Vernier sight. That was a shot. My old man bragged about it for years. I was 14 years old. Maybe some luck involved, but regardless, one shot and he was down.

You must be close to hunting season in PA right? Or do you have Bow season first? How many Tags are you allowed to have in PA in one season?

I no longer hunt ( during hunting season ). Too many city people who pick up a rifle once a year & head to the mountains. Any big game I do is at local farms who have permission to shoot deer for crop damage. I occasionally go for small game - birds, etc.

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