The Most Important Cabinet Positions for Biden to Fill Quickly

I think, and I think most sensible and intelligent people will agree that Biden needs to fill the Attorney General position first and most quickly, but I think second is the Interior so they can stop the auctioning of public lands, and the EPA to roll back all the “roll backs” of the Trump Administration, after that I think Education is important as well as Agriculture (there are a lot of illegalities going on there as well).

What do you think is most important to get moving when (if) Biden wins

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DHS, so that Biden could order the Secret Service to assist in the removal of Trump from the White House for trespassing.


Are you sure he is going to remember?

Tough call; well, he’ll definitely need a drool cup emptier. Then someone capable of pointing him in the right direction at functions; run interference & such.

Fantasy is good. The truth is going to be sad for you, Biden won’t fill those positions at all. Defeated presidential candidates don’t get to appoint cabinet members.

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DHS will be disband ad defunded as it’s clearly a target of the left.

I was thinking a look alike to handle the day to day business.

A lookalike - body double, good idea.

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Let me weigh in a second time here…

The positions he needs to fill are Day nurse, night nurse, dementia doctor, diaper changer and apple sauce distribution technician.