The Most Absurd Ruling by a Obama Judge

This is just getting nuts! When we have judges like these making such rulings then there is definitely something very wrong!

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Liberal thinking indeed !!! :face_with_symbols_over_mouth:

This type of stuff shows just how hypocritical liberals are about illegal immigration. Out of one side of their mouth they tell us they want border security but the do everything possible to make it easy for illegals who are here.

“It’s a highly technical legal argument, but it’s opening the door for the others arrested in the sting to beat their cases, and maybe even stay in the United States.”

This is a perfect example of lawyers keeping themselves in business. They write things that are highly technical so that the common person would not understand what is being stated. It’s time that we have full-blown legal reform. Maybe a constitutional amendment requiring lawyers to write things in plain language. These blood suckers are ruining our society.

That is why it is never a good idea to have a lawyer as president. 8 years of misery should have taught us a few things about that perspective! I was no fan of Lincoln either!

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In our society the government has the role of telling people what they can’t do. The common person shouldn’t need a law degree, or shouldn’t be required to hire a team of attorneys to understand what they can’t do. There should be no highly technical legal arguments for anyone to fool around with. In this case this illegal, who had no right to be in this country, was caught using fraudulent federal government documents to obtain a benefit. He should be in jail and then deported.


How about take it a step further? The Judge should lose his law degree and be jailed for aiding and abetting a criminal.


Is it anymore outrageous when a Federal Judge allows DACA to remain in force when it bypassed immigration law and suspend by Trump.

The rulings by activist judges are over the top.


I don’t know about taking a degree away from someone. I think disbarment is an order. Then he gets to keep his degree which would be absolutely worthless - like salt in the wound.

You can’t take a degree from someone. The procedure would be subject to the Lawbar Ethics Society where this judges jurisdiction falls under. A formal complaint would have to be filed on ethics violations for the panel to review then they vote on whether the Judge is disbarred. In all probability the totality of the judges body of work would be scrutinized to find similar patterns emerge in the discovery process on how he/she rules cases, and probably would be warned first before disbarment happens.

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This is the key sentence

“The illegal immigrant’s attorneys challenged the charges, asserting that the Florida Department of Highway Safety and Motor Vehicles doesn’t even allow driver’s license applicants to use an Order of Supervision as proof of legal status in the U.S.”

And it makes sense. This illegal immigrant should have never been charged with a felony because it isn’t a felony to use that form to get a license. DMV should have rejected the form and asked for the appropriate papers to prove citizenship. Sounds like DMV needs more training.

Since he isn’t charged with a felony… the state of Florida can’t hold him. ICE should have been waiting at the door the minute he was released. I am assuming they were not.

Interesting…so we can lie on all state and federal documents without any repercussion since it isn’t a crime.

Funny how most corrupt presidents were attorneys. They hide behind, manipulate the laws as they see fit.
Clinton and Obama were both attorneys…so was Hillary.

Yep! But what gets me about this case is clearly there was intent to commit fraud and was the basis in which one out of many participated in. I wonder how the prosecution presented its case, and whether or not this will be end of it!

Of course! Lincoln was a lawyer and mostly worked for the Railroads in which he pretty much invented the corporate welfare concept! Needless to say he set many precedents in which preceding US presidents followed! cough, cough lawyers! I know I am one, a lawyer that is!

I don’t think this ruling allows what you just said.

This illegal immigrant presented documents that should have never been accepted. I guess you can say he intended to defraud, but it doesn’t seem like “intent of fraud” is a felony.

Better question is why the DMV accepted documents that were not on the approved list?

So if caught say you’re a regestered democrat and that’s your get out of jail card.

But if you say that you like Republicans…

You have a gift for pointing out the irrelevant. Whether or not the DMV needs training doesn’t matter. What does matter is the intent of the illegal in providing false documents to prove his status as something else. What was that intent, hmm? Can you say fraud? I knew you could. And yes, committing fraud is in fact, a felony. Sorry, cupcake.

You’re correct. I should have said disbarred.