The Louis Farrakkhan and Alex Jones Interview

This is a pretty compelling interview and I watched all 2 hours and fifteen minutes of it. Can’t say that what these two men were talking about I can disagree with.

I have respect for Farrakkhan, I don’t agree with the Ideology of Islam, nor some of the things he says and how he says it but I do respect the man, and respect his right to free speech. He is right on several fronts. Libya was a debt free Oil rich country, so is Syria. Qaddafi was going against the Petro Dollar before his death by introducing Euro for Gold exchange in order to bypass the World reserve currency US dollar, so I don’t think it is no coincidence that what happened in Benghazi was a big giant cover up. Also had Hillary won, there is no doubt she was setting her sights on Russia in order to go after Syria who Russia was already entrenched in positions to defend, so starting a war with Russia (who BTW is also now debt free) was a narrative that was created before Trump took office.

The clarification on Trump’s remarks as it pertained to our invasion of Iraq and going after the Oil was made in jest. I think when Trump was asking why did we go into Iraq and what did the US get out of the War in Iraq was suggesting that we should have at least taken the oil. It was a ignorant remark by Trump because the reason we didn’t take the oil is we couldn’t. In fact the Oil that was being produced during US occupation and was being sold went into a secured fund in which the Interim Iraqi government was using to rebuild the country and to buy US Military equipment, and that is still the case today.

In today’s terms with everything that is going on such as “Spygate”, the Mueller report, FISA abuse, Chinese stealing, our own intelligence officers being caught selling secrets to the Chinese, Political leaders selling out to the Chinese, our Tech companies working with the Chinese, Censorship by the big tech companies being implemented with impunity, immigration crisis at the southern border with no end in sight, then it is easy to see with all of the issues happening at once that it is hard to get the truth out to inform the public.

I don’t care what people say about Alex Jones or Louis Farrakkhan, they have proven to be more right then wrong about a lot of things, such as China and the military industrial complex. The American people are being sold out to the Chinese in order to usher in a Orwellian Totalitarian state. These men have been warning us about this, as well Eisenhower, George Orwell, and many others long before Alex or Louis came along. Why does the unfettered violations from the Big Tech companies are allowed to continue?

Now we are in the Trump era, and for many reasons these two men talk about is why Trump was elected. But I caution to the likes of Jared Kushner and Ivanka who no doubt have been whispering in the presidents ear is something that bares close watching, when considering that immigration has not been solved, either has the trade issue with China, USMC been ratified. Why should these two get to craft and decide policy decisions for the rest of us when they were not elected by “We the People”? For those of us who supported Trump but are also “blackpillled,” he doesn’t get a blind pass and remaining skeptical is our greatest defense in asking the hard questions that media refuses to and keeping the pressure on those who are making the decisions as our overlords or representations as the modern day aristocracy is the only way to hold their feet to the fire.

Is it no wonder that big tech is going after free speech? It has always been about dividing “We The People”, once they can do that by silencing those who speak out, then they have won.What is the president going to do to address this existential threat to our democracy? Wake up people! We have been in a silent war, start using the proper filters to get to the truth! The sooner you can do that the sooner you can act to stop this evil! More than any time in World history we are at a pivotal point in determining our freedoms and taking it from the globalist elites who are hell bent in making us slaves come hell or high water!

Here’s the link at Infowars if you want to give them a click…

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