The Libs Ought to Eat This Up!

He calls the notion that people should not eat other humans a “conservative” taboo and says the stigma should be lifted in humanity’s best interest. In the future, after the most drastic effects of climate change begin to set in, people will have to consume human flesh in order to survive, according to Soderlund.

Honestly, people like this should be locked up and the keys thrown away. That he has even been given a platform is a disgrace.

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Can you imagine how deluded these people are? To suggest cannibalism to address a normal accommodation to gradual climate change? We’re talking a little over a foot in sea level rise in 100 years. And this requires breaking out the kettle and potatoes for each other. As opposed to migrating to the newly habitable zones currently under ice.

How are these people scientists. They sound literally retarded to me.

(P.S. please use a more descriptive thread title next time e.g., Crazy Cucked Swedes Want Cannibalism to Stop Climate Change)

Aren’t the Africans already on top of this, and haven’t they been for centuries? For once in their history they’ve gotten to a “milestone” of civilization before Whites. :ok_hand:

He’s a Swede. Swedes are known for weird fetishes. I wouldn’t be surprised if he was fantasizing about being eaten by Muslims as the ultimate sacrifice in the altar of tolerance.

Amerifats don’t have to worry about eating one another since fast food is the primary meal of Amerifats.

90% of the population is suffering from mental illness. Some more so than others. This is just the generation of the majority being mental and successful. They are told their mental illness is not mental illness but thembeing individuals. We once locked these fuckers up so they couldnt populate the gene pool. Now that all the state hospitals are closed they are mixed into the population polluting the gene pool.

Climate change advocates need to step up and begin feeding themselves to other climate change advocates. I mean, the ones who aren’t against RED MEAT.

These “progressives” are the most confused, ridiculous, mentally disturbed, God-less morons ever to walk the Earth.


You mean the New Guinean’s? It is believed they ate Michael Rockefeller.

Well, I thought the thread title was … apropos. And a little bit on the amusing side :crazy_face:

It is simply beyond the bounds of being mentally disturbed to even suggest such a thing. What shocks me more is that this man was given a platform for consideration.

Is there nothing the left won’t stoop to in an attempt to advance their agenda?

Michael Moore could feed a family of 10 for at least a month. :laughing:

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Don’t be so narrow-minded. How about we try it, and if you feel guilty about it we can dig a grave and throw up in it?



Well, okay (sigh). I’ll get out my recipe book. Certainly, there is one that says I can substitute for chicken :crazy_face::laughing:

You may be too young to remember, but I stole that joke from Monty Python’s cannibalism episode, a classic of their unorthodox humor. That line got the audience to rise up and rush the stage, ending the show.

At one point in that episode they had a lifeboat sketch where they all debated who to eat.

Ahh, well still it was funny even though I didn’t know that. :wink: