The Left-wing Populism of Andrew Yang will not save America

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#YangGang came to a crashing halt a few days ago when Yang predicted that white men would start shooting up Asian churches, proving he’s just another anti-white Democrat. I hope you cuckservatives learned your lesson.


I don’t buy the shift of the alt-right from supporting President Trump to candidate Andrew Yang. I doubt that those in the movement are legitimately supporting Yang.

Just because Tulsi Gabbard understands that bombing Assad doesn’t make sense when we’re fighting ISIS, that obviously doesn’t mean she is above criticism. If you’re a conservative and support gun rights, she has clearly stated she wants to take your weapons away, or at the very least limit your ability to use them. She also strongly supports migration from the Pacific Islands where she originates and is committed to changing the law in order to give them extensive welfare payments.

This is because many people on the right aren’t paying attention past a single issue. Tulsi doesn’t want to kill Assad so that makes her based. The threshold for being based keeps getting lower and lower. Tulsi Gabbard is in establishment shill and member of a weirdo religious cult. Her political grooming was intentional and carefully planned out. She doesn’t care about America, she cares about getting her cult into a greater position of power.

Yang is just an idiot who tapped into the whole UBI argument. People who claim to be on the right should really take a class in basic economics before they attach themselves at the hip to Yang. Handing out $1,000 a month will cause a massive inflation. The dollar already is worth shit.

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Nobody on the right really bought into Yang, they were shills and they’re already exposed.

Trump still doesn’t realize how much damage has been caused to his precious movement. He’s managed to turn himself into a meme within just a few weeks. All that good will he built up, it’s gone. Took him years and years to build this up, and it all died off within less than a month.


If UBI were a combination of redistribution and printing more money, labor would have to increase drastically to compensate for the demand. That means a Jobs program would have to be required in order for inflation to happen. More working? Yep, but that’s a good thing, If people in the USA worked just 2-3 hours more per week, that’s trillions of $$ in GDP growth. So with UBI we have the potential to not only increase GDP, but also stabilize inflation, work some hours with a jobs program and have money to survive.

If UBI happens without printing more money, then inflation isn’t a real problem, since we’re not increasing money supply, merely redistributing it around.

What else would likely happen with UBI? Mass exodus of major cities, people can return to country side to live simple lives with basic jobs. Who would this help? It would help right wingers as their children wouldn’t be subject to globalist homosexual ass sex and child rape. You’re welcome.

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