The Lakota Life

Proof positive that there is still good people in the world, and not to give up on faith in humanity!

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Man - thanks for sharing these videos. I have always been very interested in Native American cultures and their lifestyle. This probably will come out wrong but sometimes I wonder why they are so depressed or upset by their situation. They have an intact community all to themselves and have large expanses of land. I get the historic egregious treatment of the Native Americans by the US government. That’s not what I am getting at. On the historical timeline all of us come from tribes of people who were slaughtered and had their lands taken. I am talking about why the present day Native Americans are so down and out. Do they realize how many wage slaves out there would switch places with them in a second?

I wonder that as well. Maybe because they are lost between two cultures? The bitterness of their defeat and loss of way of life (hopelessness) was passed through the generations?

I think many of the Native American tribes serve as examples of what dependency on the government does to a culture and a people. They don’t know how good things can be because they expect everything to be handed to them. They are forgetting that they are capable of building their own success, and are better positioned than most from a tax and legal perspective to do so.

To answer your larger question it’s a combination of factors, socio economic, lack of opportunities, corruption within the ruling local council’s that have squandered resources and a long history of giving into a defeatist attitude that comes with being a conquered people. I can only speak about the Lakota but it’s a prevailing theme in many other nations across the country as well with similar circumstances.

Just as the video is correct in pointing out, living on the reservation in the Dakotas is a harsh environment. While it’s true there is vast expanses of land, there is definitely an isolationist type of feeling that pits survival against despair and it’s a daily challenge not to caught in the latter! Just getting to the store for groceries is a major chore for many especially during the winter months. Boredom and Long pauses in space on this land can invade a soul to weaken it to the point that it turns to unsavoury indulgences such as meth, alcohol that has ravaged many to ruinous sorrow. Suicide is something that is common and has had devastating lasting effects on many here It’s why family is the most important aspect that serves as the glue to prevent such tragedies within the Lakota tribe.

The good news is more is being done to provide more opportunities such as education and certain community efforts to teach the younger generation to change the defeatist mentality and learn to be proud of who they are. Language and preserving the language for the newer generation is the most focused effort to maintaining our culture, by getting the elders more involved in the educational process. Which is why there is new hope for building up the educational institutions and advocating it as a means to a better life.

We lost our way that has defined who we were as a people and slowly getting back to that aspect by providing more extra curricular activities for the youth is vital to becoming whole again. It’s been a slow process while battling the demons that sought to destroy many, but I am seeing markedly significant improvement in recent years as many have a better outlook on life as many are now striving to get a college education and are succeeding where returning and giving back to the community has been a huge benefit to morale. Even white people have reached out and contributed their time to offer programs such as what you saw with that Horsemen teaching rodeo skills! To Lakota all people are welcome to learn, and be a part of this great family! As the elder said, we are all connected and better to be reached with love than with harbouring hate of the past. The past is the past and there is only here in the now that defines what tomorrow brings. It’s a great message and teacher to what the nation as a whole is struggling with right now! Family is everything!


Native American tribes were always at each other’s throats. Sadly, human nature. A few peaceful tribes. Still, they respected the Earth & only took what they needed. Old adage: Enough is a feast.

I have to ask. Why not just return in a large part to the previous way of life?

Hunting, farming and teaching the skills to the children as a means of survival.

I admit I don’t know much abut the former Native American way of life.

Because we have been turned into lazy shits. It’s become almost impossible to avoid the lifestyles that have become ingrained into our society. I try to be a minimalist; but still must bend to a point. People want every need catered to; and don’t even realize it. Advertising rams insanity down our throats. If you don’t have this, you cannot live. What a crock of shit; but people buy it. I make it a point to avoid products that insult my intelligence.

Some are choosing the ancient way, but the youths today are no different than any other living anywhere else. Social media rots the brain that disconnects one from the natural world. There are encouraging signs from the next up and coming generation though, that are not Millennials.

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I certainly hope so. Is part of the problem the parent’s not encouraging or teaching their children about the natural world?

It would be great if the leadership made it mandatory (say for summer vacation) to have learning camps to teach the new generations the skill that were lost.

We rarely agree but this was an excellent read. Thank you.


It most certainly is. This is apparent in every culture where parents sometimes take a passive role when raising their children often taking for granted the role of others and what their impact on their children has, such as educators. Parents have to take a more active role in their children’s lives and pay more attention to the details on what they are learning.

I always had to go to camp every summer. I am so grateful for my mother who made me go. At the time I thought I she was trying to get rid of me, but by the time I would come back home I was disappointed that it ended so soon. Summers would fly by so fast when you are having fun!


Hamá hólo´ogo 'ayóo jiníigo.
Hamá hólo´ogo 'ayóo jiníigo, 'ayóo jiníigo; t’áá bee hojíli´i leh. (hííya naa héí néí yówé.)
Hamá hólo´ogo, Hamá hólo´ogo, ‘ayóo jiníigo, ‘ayóo jiníigo, t’áá bee hojíli´i leh. (hííya naa héí néí yówéi.)
Níítáá Diyin nimá t’áá kwiiji’ bee hil niidli´i doo bee naa ‘ahééh nidzin (hííya naa héí néí yowéi.)
Baa kodóó neniji’ yoolkáálji’ nihimá t’áá Diyingo t’áá nihá bik’i naajídli´i doo (hííya naa héí néí yowéi.)

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This was pretty cool to watch!

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Great videos.

What is the percentage of Native Americans, you are familiar with, that are Patriots for our country?

In a way a lot of people born in America from previous cultural backgrounds are “Native” American today.

The troubles on the reservations are also troubles all over. History is definitely full of troubles.

That is hard to say, but just from my experience the more Westward you go the more Patriots who tend to be on the conservative side you will most likely encounter. The ones that are Eastern and in more Blue states like New York, Michigan, tend to be more Liberal and vote Democrat.

That is true! The term Native American is becoming a more homogeneous term. I see the use indigenous as more accurate vernacular being used these days.

For sure. We are all humans and I say troubles are part of the plight of humanities lifes conditions.

Thanks for those answers. and I agree with “life condition” being the moment by moment reality.