The Kinder, Gentler Side of Human Trafficking

According to CBS News.

It is certainly an interesting piece of journalism. You don’t have to agree with what they do to recognize they are real people with real lives, despite their despicable occupation.

Charles Manson was a real person with a real life.

So was John Wayne Gacy, the Unibomber and the Son of Sam.

Do you identifiy or sympathize with thses folks?

Nauseating. It reminds me of the “drug traffickers are just hard working immigrants and poor Americans with no choice” meme that was going around years ago.

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The democrat controlled media pushes nonstop propaganda that all illegal immigration is good — even though it includes human trafficking, drugs, and violent criminals. Illegal immigration weakens America.


Migrants hoping to make their way here can pay anywhere from $4,000 to over $10,000 dollars for the services of a coyote. That’s per person. From within Mexico prices can be considerably less, as low as below a thousand.

Yet 78% of Americans say they are living paycheck to paycheck.

They are human scum profiting off of the hopes and dreams of the ignorant and uneducated.

By your logic, you didn’t have to agree with what slave traders or slaveholders did for a living. After all, they are real people with real lives.

Which is true. And Illegal immigration does nothing but drive down wages and benefits for all of those working or looking for jobs legally present in the US.

One of the biggest lies ever told is that illegal immigration is a net benefit to the US.

Well, we’ve pretty much done all that we can to get this point across.

But the liberals refuse to see how their actions hurt Americans and our country.

I suppose I’d have to be a globalist to get it. Since I’m not I can’t relate.

I dont think this is the case. I think think what you’re seeing is a reaction to the extreme right narrative that all immigrants are dangerous, possibly rapists or ms13

No such narrative exists on “the right”.

Pretending there is not a tremendous cost to the nation from illegal immigration however has been the meme of the left for over a decade now.

They aren’t all Valedictorians.

They aren’t all law abiding individuals, they are all in fact guilty of at least one criminal offense and millions of them are felons.

They aren’t all making our beds, doing our laundry, shoveling our manure or building our homes. Millions of them are involved in the most heinous of crimes for which we all pay.

Nobody has claimed they are all bad people, that’s simply a lie.

No, but that is how they are portrayed. Again its a
right: they’re evil
Left: they’re saints
I think it’s somewhere in between. If they have no right or reason to be here, they shouldn’t. Maybe you guys are rubbing off on me a bit.
I still do have sympathy for those escaping horrible situations, but that is why we need more judges to rule on these things in a timely manner.

Who exactly on “the right” is portraying all illegals, much less all immigrants as evil?

Name them and provide examples.

Not sure this exactly answers your question, but it is a good article; it’s honest too, i think.

Trump has never demonized all illegals much less all immigrants.

Look you made another claim you couldn’t support. What a surprise.

Did you even read the article? Im starting to think you’re a troll!

I’m thinking you didn’t. It doesn’t support your claims, in fact it’s nothing but an opinion article.

I don’t think it really matters if the evidence knocks you on your face. You will claim that you were crouching down to pick up a ■■■■■ you saw.

It’s a lie Dave, we all know it.

He demonizes criminal illegals and rightly so and highlights there impact on American families while you folks pretend it isn’t happening.

3,000 murders per year.

Over 30,000 sexual assaults annually.

Over 10,000 child molestations annually.

Add to that the cost of over 1.5bn per day in costs for trying and housing convicted illegal alien criminals none of which should even be in the country in the first place.