The Issue of "Proud Boys" and the disgusting MSM

Right! Oh Lookie here! Richard Spencer endorsing Joe Biden is really telling who the racists are! This is right up there with your “750 in paid taxes post!” :rofl: :rofl: :rofl:

Did you ingest too many led based paint chips when you were young to which contributes to your current mental condition?

This whole “white supremacy” nonsense is the perfect example of why I consider Proud Boys zionists and controlled opposition.

The Proud Boys could have taken this opportunity to hit back on the media narrative and said: Why does the media think “white supremacy” is the problem when there is no evidence for that? We don’t buy into this anti-white conspiracy.

Instead they reinforced the media narrative by going: White man bad! We definitely don’t support whites that’s for sure!

They have.

But, you know how the left takes something and runs with it regardless of it being false.

Trump didn’t denounce them. He played dumb.

Stand down, Stand by.

I am willing to give him the benefit of the doubt, that he took the word of some advisor that they were racist, and does not realize that they are not. Trump has not been served well by advisors, we all know that

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Have you not noticed every time a group of whites are proud of our Country or proud of their race the media labels them White Supremacist and a HATE GROUP . It’s the same if you support President Trump , the media labels you RACIST . Fuck them all . I’m proud of the Country I fought for , our flag , our President , our party , and MY WHITE RACE . If that makes me racist to fucking bad !!!

Yes, I have noticed that, and it is BS. This forum has a mistaken view of me and my opinion on that subject. Hey man, I went to HS in the friggin 70’s and I complained back then at how there were black and latino race-based groups but wite groups were not allowed. I am not new to all this.

I understand that too.

I agree.

I am proud of my heritage too.

All I have ever tried to say is that, in the end, the content of a person’s character matters more. Thats all. I have never said that we should not be proud of our contribution to civilization. It is obvious that white people have contributed more than some other races