The Islamic Take Over of America?

According to a independent Journalist Jackie Toboroff there is a quiet cultural genocide taking place across America where American Cities and States are replacing their flags with an 8 pointed star in place of the traditional 5 pointed star that is unique to the USA.

What are your thoughts?

A Prominent Symbol of Islam ( an 8 point star) is suddenly flying across the USA. The shocking new movement to replace traditional city and state flags with those displaying a symbol of Islam leads to an obvious conclusion. The American flag is next. Lisa Davis, political activist in Utah says “this is cultural genocide.” American cities and states have suddenly approved flags with the eight-point Islamic star in recent years.

Cities flying new flags right now with the eight-point Islamic symbol are:

✳️Hutchinson, Kansas
✳️Aberdeen, South Dakota
✳️Kent, Ohio
✳️Norman, Oklahoma
✳️Wheeling, West Virginia
✳️Springfield, Missouri
✳️Reno, Nevada
✳️Pocatello, Idaho

The eight point star is also prominent on proposed new flags for:

✳️Albany, New York
✳️Evansville, Indiana
✳️Lowell, Massachusetts
✳️Seattle, Washington
✳️Toledo, Ohio
✳️Winston-Salem, North Carolina
✳️Washington State

Here she is being interviewed by Steve Bannon on this very issue

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Not afraid of the six-pointed star (So-called Star of David, although it has nothing to do with him)?

Conditioning is a terrible thing.

Fuck that!


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This will go on until Trump takes over and figuratively burns down DOJ and FBI management. They are the protectors of the Constitutional system and should be infiltrating these anti-American movements and dragging them into court for sedition. There aren’t many federal agencies that are actually doing their jobs, and lots of them are re-configuring their charters for self-regulation and zero oversight. That has to stop. De-funding them into oblivion works wonders. Again, burn down upper management and recombobulate all into smaller units with tighter oversight and much smaller agendas. The federal govt doesn’t need to be all located in DC, either, the Farm Bureau could be in Manhattan, Kansas. Bureau of Land Management could be in Utah, Energy in Texas, FDA in Iowa, FBI in Chicago, CIA in Jackson, Mississippi, Education out the door, Health & Human Debris in St. Louis, Federal Reserve in Jackson Hole, Wyoming, Post Office back in Philly, Treasury in Maine, get the drift? Nothing but the White House and Secret Service in DC. No more cross-pollination between agencies coming up with new mandates to ruin America. No more career politicians going from one agency to another without having to give up their Georgetown Homes, salons, and restaurants. Live out here in flyover and give-up insulation from the poor slobs who have to live with mandates that don’t work in the real world; flyover.

Don’t rely on Trump who hired John Bolton and Mike Pompeo, known neocons and Israel’s friends.

The country is fked and beyond repairing. There is nothing stopping the traitors like Mike Johnson and Chuck Schumer from doing further damage!

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Did David Duke ever say whites are better than other races?

He did say Europeans created great civilizations and I even agree with him.

Did David Duke say Muslims are a threat to America? I don’t think so.

Jeff Rense w David Duke: Friday 5th April 2024

(Investment advisor) Michael Lee on Maria’s Morning Show today spoke to a subject I have harped on for a long time, “…The NYPD should not have responded to Columbia’s call to arrest the Hamilton Hall occupiers; the universities & schools need to be let burn to the ground. They haven’t educated for a long time, spending all their time indoctrinating instead. They get gobs of money from the federal govt every year. Why?..”

I would add: They have more money in tax-free endowments than God; get huge tuitions before classes start, and overpay anti-American professors to ruin our future leaders. What’s not to hate? Hillsdale College in Michigan doesn’t take a dime from the govt and does quite well on 30k tuition and 13k room & board, and educates to the very highest standard. I take that back; they ARE the standard that all others should have their curriculum compared with. All the troubled universities in the news today have large endowments and mimic the same evil indoctrination at Harvard, Penn State, MIT, Columbia, et al; they cost a bundle in tuition, and get state & federal money. Let them exist on their own merits and watch education change. Let the old system of the NEA & socialist universities burn to the ground.

Fortunately, the COVID crisis has demonstrated that many subjects can be taught on your computer at your house. Tests can be done at central locations under supervision. This means Phoenix University-type institutions can replace the dangerous places that impressionable children are sent away to and be miss-educated at great cost.

Let the existing system burn to the ground; the sooner the better. Here; Here! Michael Lee!!

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No need for this verbose stuff a simple solution is bringing in the water canons. Protest will end in a hurry. Too many pussies being raised in America!


Amen to that! These spoiled brats need to be taught a real world experience and lesson!