**The Inviolability of Property Rights.**

The Inviolability of Property Rights. Freedom, pursuit of happiness, wealth—they are all meaningless if one is not certain in his or her ironclad right to property. In both personal and business spheres, property rights are being abused. Think of shoplifting—places like California have legalized stealing. How can I run a business if I cannot prevent people from stealing my merchandise? How can I make a profit if the police and the local government do not support my right to protect my store and its contents? The same is true for the individual. Stories of squatters are horrific. That people cannot easily throw out such thieves and in some cases are required to continue paying electricity and water is ridiculous. Laws are needed that give property owners the upper hand in any case of squatting. In a normal world, the owner of a home would bring some brutes with him and throw the squatters out and sue the latter for whatever damage they did. We do not live in a normal world. With that said, Republicans need to push the idea that property is an extension of an individual and is subject to protection from theft or illegal seizure. When shoplifting