The Insanity of Mass Immigration


I’m having a hard time understanding the rationale behind mass immigration from Third World nations. What are the benefits?

When you think about our current immigration policy, you come to realize how insane our government is for having instituted such an immigration system, and how insane our populace is for having allowed our government to institute such an immigration system.

Because of our current immigration system, White went from 85% of the population to 60% of the population - and will soon be a minority.

Because of our current immigration policy, the Muslim population is growing exponentially.

Because of our current immigration policy, the Democratic Party will own the United States in a matter of decades – See California and Texas.

Because of our current immigration policy, racial conflict becomes worse than it would be otherwise.

Because of our current immigration system, government the welfare state and thus the government grows to never before seen levels.

Because our current immigration system, we have less freedom, more police, more military, more surveillance.

Because of our current immigration policy, English is disappearing in some States.

Because of our current immigration policy, trust in the community is decreasing and decreasing.

Because our current immigration policy, our national IQ is dropping.

This is fucking insanity. We live in a nut house. We’re legitimately the only sane ones.


The elites are trying to stave off a catastrophic deflationary economic collapse caused by depopulation and peaking of the labour force, they fucked up and designed the economy like a ponzi scheme that needs to grow forever

The only solution: Radical accelerationism and decentralized self-sufficient farming compounds


The President could end it immediately via Executive Order deploying some of the hundreds of thousands of troops stationed in the US to patrol the border. They couldn’t seal it 100% but they could make a pretty good stab at it with their thousands of vehicles, helicopters, drones, NVGs, reconnaissance aircraft etc.

The political will just isn’t there. Even when Trump sent the military down last time he didn’t send enough of them to do much of anything.

President Trump talks big on the issue yet does nothing. Why not?

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