The Importance of Legal Immigration

Immigration has been a hot-button issue for years now, and it seems like the conversation is only getting more heated. Amidst all the noise, it’s easy to forget that immigration is a good thing. After all, without immigrants, our country would not be the melting pot of cultures that it is today. Legal immigration is vital to the continued success of the United States, and here’s why.

Economic Growth
One of the most important roles that immigrants play in our country is fueling economic growth. A 2016 study by the Partnership for a New American Economy found that immigrants have started more than half of America’s small businesses in the past 25 years. Immigrants are also twice as likely as native-born citizens to start a business, which creates jobs and drives innovation. In fact, 40% of Fortune 500 companies were founded by immigrants or their children. From Google to Walmart, our country has benefited immensely from the entrepreneurial spirit of immigrants.

Cultural Diversity
The United States has long been considered a melting pot, and legal immigration is one of the reasons why. When immigrants come to our country, they bring with them their own unique culture and traditions. This not only makes our country more interesting and vibrant, but it also helps us to understand and appreciate other cultures. In an increasingly globalized world, it’s more important than ever to fostering understanding and respect for other cultures.

Skills and Talents
Another reason why legal immigration is so important is because it allows us to attract some of the best and brightest minds from around the globe. Every year, hundreds of thousands of highly skilled workers come to the United States on H-1B visas to work in a variety of industries, including tech, medicine, and engineering. These workers make vital contributions to our economy and help us to stay at the forefront of innovation. Moreover, they often go on to create their own businesses and jobs once they’re settled in the United States.

It’s clear that legal immigration is essential to the continued success of our country. Immigrants play a vital role in fuelling economic growth, promoting cultural diversity, and attracting skilled workers. As we continue to grapple with the issue of immigration in this country, let’s remember all the ways that immigrants have helped to make America great.

While the United States has always had a steady stream of immigrants coming into the country, the reality is that the current level of LEGAL immigration is simply unsustainable when factoring in all of the ILLEGAL immigration. In order to protect our culture, economy, and our way of life, we need to suspend all immigration into the United States until further notice.

Our country is not in a position to support an influx of new immigrants, legal or illegal. The unemployment rate is still high, inflation is through the roof, and wages have been stagnant for years. When you factor in all of the social services that are required to support immigrants, the taxpayer and the economy cannot handle the strain.

Our infrastructure is also stretched too thin. From overcrowded schools and hospitals to congested highways and inadequate housing, there are simply not enough resources to go around for those who are not citizens of this country and have no right to be here. If we continue to allow large numbers of LEGAL or ILLEGAL immigrants into the country, it’s only going to make things worse. We need to take a break from immigration in order to allow our country, and our people, time to catch up.

Suspending immigration will also help to protect American jobs. There are millions of Americans who are struggling to find work, and they should be given priority over new immigrants and especially illegals. It’s only fair that we prioritize those who are already here and who have contributed to our country and economy. Allowing new immigrants and he massive influx of illegals into the country only serves to undercut citizens who are already struggling to get by.

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Immigration is often touted as a necessity, but the truth is that it is not required for a country to flourish. It’s an excuse to hire cheap labor and charge the same or more for products and services. Plenty of countries that have restrictive immigration policies are doing just fine. Look at Japan, for example. Japan has very strict immigration policies, yet it remains one of the most economically prosperous nations in the world. And while some may argue that immigrants are needed to fill low-skilled jobs, the truth is that there are plenty of native-born citizens who are willing and able to do these types of jobs. Using immigration to import cheap labor takes jobs away from natives, depresses wages, and makes it difficult for native-born citizens to find work.

Screw you… they should assimilate like everyone else does… stop telling me I have to learn Hatian culture… why in the world would I do that?

Immigrants melt into our culture, over half the Irish and Italians that moved here left because they couldn’t assimilate.

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Remember - we never had a problem with diversity when it was European diversity. This is a majority European country and should have remained that way.

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Why don’t they REQUIRE able bodied welfare freaks to take jobs ?

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Many immigrants moved back they couldn’t handle it… we don’t assimilate to you you assimilate to us

Shouldn’t they be paying a tax to live here? Not getting our tax money using all our resources? This makes no sense.

Actually the problem is easy to solve. Keep illegals from coming in. Kick out the ones here now, (at least the ones who are committing crime.
The inflation, stagnant wages, high gas prices, were all caused by Biden. Get rid of him and put Trump back in and those situations improve. We had high immigration during Trump’s LEGALLY ELECTED presidency, yet high paying job growth was through the roof, all because of Trump’s tax cuts on corporations.
It’s simple. We need the Trump plan. Build the wall and the animals will stop coming here. They won’t pay cartels all kinds of cash just to transport them across a continent only to come up on a huge concrete wall with machine gun turrets and bared wire.

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What happen to cops raiding where they work? They would run like rats with a knock on the door…

That part is easy. Arrest their employers. Arrest enough of them, and the rats won’t have a source of income. The employers are breaking the law.
And again, securing the southern border solves a lot of problems. It sends a message to those animals in Central America, not to pay the cartels huge sums of money to move them through the jungles of Mexico to break our laws.

Arrest the owner yes, not the manger hired by the owner to deliver bottom line results.

I go to a local bar and a group of friends come in, they are business owners, they own landscaping companies, construction companies, roofing companies. They’re white they’re rolling in the dough. Because they hire illegals. They make me sick…

Now restaurant owners, especially corporate hirer managers, who then hire illegals … I can’t in good conscience say I would be OK with federal agents arresting a manager, some poor guy who’s Tryna make a living for his family from hiring illegals. And you really can’t arrest the owner because he never hired the illegals so there has to be a way to punish corporations for allowing the hiring of illegals.

But I would arrest the fuck out of these Irish American fucks hiring illegals while Americans are down the street sticking needles in their arms

I can’t dispute that.
There are resorts down here in Florida who use migrant workers during certain times of the year. It was President Trump who said that because Florida is seasonal it is unreasonable to expect a bartender or a banquet set up person to stick with one job year round. Mar A Lago follows the law, regarding migrant workers.
(For that matter, the fruit pickers down here are legal migrant workers.)
They finish the job then they head back to their native country. I’m like you. I have no problem with following the law.

Not sure ICE could arrest managers and charge them with hiring illegals, although the threat of arrest could make them valuable witnesses as they work up the chain to those responsible. (Kinda like arresting a simple crack addict and making him/her give up his/her dealer, up the chain and so on.)

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We need these businesses that need workers to invest in the American family, we have millions of AMERICANS hooked on drugs, these are our workers, dish washers in NYC 50 years ago had a family, kids, wife on a single income, and they were white, we aren’t that far removed from single income families.

I can’t stress enough the dangers of having young single men from these countries coming here, they are establishing their culture, they are taking our woman, we already have tribalism. we need to deport like our country is dependent on it.

When it comes to deporting illegal aliens, (single men, married men, etc) you won’t get any argument from me.

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