The Humanitarian Hoax of Pearson Education: Killing America With Kindness -

Enemies of the United States include Islam, Globalism, Socialism and…Education.

I’ve never even heard of Pearson Education.

Pearson plc, a public limited corporation, is a British multinational multi-billion dollar publishing powerhouse and the largest education company in the world. Pearson Publishing’s reported 2017 share in global revenues was $8.2 billion with a staggering 60% control of U.S. textbooks sales. It listed the Libyan Investment Authority as its largest financial contributor. Pearson is an anti-American, pro-globalism, antisemitic, pro-Muslim globalized education provider that is indoctrinating our American children.

Scary shit and lunacy. Why the hell are we allowing any foreign entity to influence much less control the content of our textbooks and educational system?


I can easily imagine that there are trillions of things of which you have no awareness…and you are not alone. This is true of most people on earth.

The important thing to remember is that the billions and billions of dollars that have been going to testing corporations were previously used in direct services to our children. Our elected officials like to complain about school budgets but forget that the money given to the testing corporations is no longer available to our schools and classrooms. That sucking sound is the transfer of money from classrooms to corporations and many wonder why our schools are hurting.

In a particularly egregious example of Pearson’s ideological bias, many advanced placement students used a 2018 textbook published by Pearson titled, By the People: A History of the United States. The final section titled The Angry Election of 2016 depicts President Trump as mentally ill and his supporters as racists. A Pearson spokesperson defended the textbook insisting it had undergone “rigorous peer review to ensure academic integrity.” This is the predictable outcome of globalist ideology and globalist revisionism disguised as scholarship.

I’d love to see who the peer reviewers are. Supporting a candidate who puts America first would be racist to those who support globalism. It is the antithesis of what globalists are trying to achieve.

Americans have been lulled to sleep by the security of their unparalleled freedoms, the vastness of their country and the oceans that surround it.

When the message they are being educated with tells them no different, parents tell them no different then what outcome can we expect?

Cause we are NICE and so people like us…to our face.