The Hallmark Channel’s Under Fire: It’s Far Too White and Christmasy During the Holiday Season

PSA: Hallmark is way too wholesome and so it must be destroyed. I am actually shocked it hasn’t been removed due to making the self-harming misfit toys feel inadequate. We are only allowed to watch blue-haired feminist lesbians, transfolk, and a limitless combination of brown people in cultural apparel

The Hallmark Channel’s in some hot water with The Hollywood Reporter.

According to the entertainment staple, the network’s been severely lacking in diversity — not only racially, but with regard to religion.

As reported by THR, Hallmark is only offering four Christmas movies in 2019 featuring black actors or actresses as leads. Furthermore, it spotlighted virtually no other religions than Judaism and Christianity.

Here’s how they put it:

Of the network’s record 24 original holiday movies this season, four of them have black leads. And that’s down from last year, when five of its 21 original holiday movies had black leads.

And outside of Christians, viewers aren’t being represented in the titles:

Countdown to Christmas programming started the week before Halloween this year and represents more than two-thirds of Hallmark Channel’s yearly original movies. This year’s titles include Write Before Christmas (airing on Thanksgiving night), Christmas at the Plaza, Christmas Town, Christmas at Dollywood and, airing on Christmas, When Calls the Heart Christmas.

Missing from Hallmark’s festive roster? Any other religion in the title. That’s especially interesting given that Hallmark last year announced that it would be producing two Hanukkah movies in 2019 — Holiday Date (Dec. 14) and a Double Holiday (Dec. 22). Double Holiday is a romance between a woman who is ■■■■■■■ while Holiday Date features a ■■■■■■ guy pretending to be Mr. Christmas.


How dare wholesome white people have television programming that they can enjoy with their families!


I am so sick and tired of this shit! Not everything needs to be packed with diversity and hipsters! I don’t want to see a bunch of soy latte sipping ■■■■■■■ playing grab ass with a bunch of transvestites under the rainbow mistletow trying to make a bunch of angry girls in hijabs laugh while the sassy black mammy wags her finger and lets out a mmmmhmmm.

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Is it not ok to be white?

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True story.

Some years ago, for the second year in a row no less, it snowed in the DFW metroplex on Christmas.

Over on the old Hannity forums I posted that we were having a white Christmas.

Almost immediately one of the race SJWs jumped in and demanded to know what I meant by that.

I was, like, dude it’s snowing in North Texas on Christmas…

A few moments later he apologized.

You know that one passage in Scripture about a man who sees himself in a mirror and forgets what sort of man he was? Well, this guy saw himself in a mirror that day and as he seemed less angry for months thereafter I’m guessing he didn’t forget what he’d seen for quite some time. It may have helped him.


That’s a hate crime you just did there…

Yeah we had far to white in Denver with over 12" of snow in the last week.

Snow on Halloween, snow on Thanksgiving. This has t stop.

Perhaps we need more dogs to color it yellow and make it more acceptable.

Then there was the Canuck who asked who does he sue to get the global warming he was promised.

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Maybe that’s because this is still a predominantly white and Christian country. It also sounds like the average Hallmark channel viewer is a white Christian who wouldn’t be interested in ■■■■■■■ Muslim, or even an African-American “holiday” movie or TV show. If those groups want to put something together they are free to do it and start their own channel. Pretty sure my cable package already pays for a bunch of those channels that we don’t watch.

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You can always watch the politically correct Netflix.

Their productions certainly fit the bill for politically correct.

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I’d rather be pulled over hot coals than subject myself or my family to that despicable programming that Netflix tries to pass off as quality.

I have Netflix are with my T-Mobile account. Otherwise I would dump it. They do on occasion have a few things of value to watch.

Forbidden Plant, 1956 a classic.
The Christmas Chronicles, Kurt Russell

A few other things the may be interesting.

What I find amazing with so much competition coming on line why would they put on partisan garbage?

Next year,Hallmark should have only Rainbow Coalition themed Christmas movies along with movies about Kwanzaa to " educate" white America about an African holiday.
I personally don’t watch either Hallmark or LMN because of boring movies and the woman is always right at LMN.

A war on a million fronts has been declared. While the sheep slumber in a haze of consumerism and guilt. The time is approaching where there will be no safe space online, on tv, or in real life for anyone with white skin.

We gave them an inch. They want to push us off the cliff.

Futurama and Kwanzaa Bot handing out the traditional Kwanzaa gift: a book titled “What the Hell is Kwanzaa”