The Great Awakening


Nationalism can defeat Globalism.

The Great Awakening has begun across the globe.

People want their leaders to put the citizens and taxpayers “first”. A Nationalist leader puts his countrymen and country first. A Globalist Leader puts their country and countrymen last and non-citizens “first”.

Democrats are globalists first. They want open borders and better treatment of non-citizens than the American taxpayer. They cry borders are “racist,” which is an illogical argument as borders do not discriminate, borders are to protect the country from invasion and threats.

The real reason Democrats want open borders is Democrat power. We have seen how open border policies have turned red states purple and purple states blue. The Democrat party needs more Democrat voters and the low skilled, uneducated migrants that the Democrats encourage to come into the country will vote for free stuff.

The Democrats are all about free stuff, which is how they harvest their votes every two to four years, by making promises they can’t possibly keep with out bankrupting the country.

We are at a tipping point in world history. The entire world is waking up and realizing that the false siren song of Globalism is truly false.

Protests are erupting across the entire world. The Fake News wants you to believe it is just about “gas taxes”. It’s not. The people are protesting against high taxes and an unsustainable migration policy forced upon them by their Globalist masters.

This weekend, more countries have rejected signing the UN migration pact.

More countries are waking up and following Trump’s lead.

And just in time.


I hope so. France is doing more to fix their situation than we are at the moment.



It is their time yet again - and they desire power in our very home of liberty.

December 10, 2018

Michael Finch


What drives the Left but an insatiable lust for power? To bend man to their ends, to reshape, remake, and reeducate the reactionaries, the retrograde, the masses. Always to be fused into their dreams of a utopian ideal, always toward their ever progressive heaven upon this earth. To take what is fallen and make stand, to make perfect what is flawed. To cure all that ails, to cure the ills that befall us. To be like God, indeed to be God, to rule and make everything right and just, by force of might, to bow us to their desires.

Power above all, but at what cost and to what end?

In false virtue it all begins, a moral wave sweeps over, the final answers to all of mankind given Then so swiftly warped to a ruthless force, the sacrifice of many is to be made, ever desirous of more, the cleansing blood of the innocents spills, until millions fall, a world decimated and barren, the dream failed, but for which the guilty are never held to account.

In righteousness and of no regret, no apology, redemption naught, not for all the crimes, not for all the death, for nothing until they turn and rise and seek power anew, always to the end of time. We are upon that turn, it is their time yet again and it desires power in our very home of liberty, the destruction of America it seeks.

How easily we succumb, seduced and drawn into these illusions, but can it really happen here? In the sweet land of liberty, run free for centuries drawn down from the Founders sacrifice, of our free Republic. How can this be? But then, the serpent is strong, his seduction is of a power that no man or army can triumph against, not by our hands alone can we prevail. It is only with the power of God that this force can be vanquished.

And yet, His guidance is gone, slipped, fallen away from us and all of our own doing, for we thrust Him aside, mocked Him and build towers to all that He decries. We call out for saviors, for Him to rise again, but things turn by His own choosing and in fear we now realize that His time has not come.

To our travails, we succumb, we fight alone, and we fall together.

We die and fall in dream, we call to the Saints and the Angels many, the battle is joined, forces gathered, for the final battle, for all the times and passing of free men.

We pray for victory and His hand but our foe is driven by a force deep, not of old tales and heroes past, but a force of this world and now, driven hard by a dark power, a power sought that can make us Gods.

Just as those martyred on the Kosovo plain of centuries past, we die a virtuous and heroic death, a defeat to be told by poets proud and sung by Angels loud, but still and yet, a defeat and of an earthly fall we go, to heaven we rise and on earth we lament, until we await His call again.


The globalist elites are very scared. Their plan of a borderless world government has utterly failed. The end result has been their greatest nightmare: Nationalism. Macron will be the first to have his head chopped off.

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I like the image of the rat. It carries a few different meanings, but the idea is slightly flawed. Kicking the rats out wont work, they’ll come back. That leaves only one option.

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Interesting that the previous Great Awakenings (Protestant) also started in America.

If there is a third Great Awakening, may it also be with God’s blessing and a return to faith in Christ, putting science in its place.

(Note: I am a scientist.)


The 2nd and 3rd world countries love the whole “globalism” meme because it’s jut another scheme to redistribute the wealth of the first world to them.

The people in the countries of the first world are beginning to figure that out.

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Let’s hope they don’t surrender before the war is won like their grandparents did with the NAZI’s.

We lack the political will in this country to prosecute a war like WWI or WWII.

We start screaming “bring them home” when we have five casualties on an op, or 2 collateral casualties from a missile strike.

Can you imagine the crying and wailing if we had reports coming back of 5,000-20,000 troops lost in a single day or went back to carpet bombing and fire bombing whole cities with civilian casualties in the tens or hundreds of thousands?

The only way we’d tolerate anything like that in this country again is if similar casualties were inflicted on US cities.

I don’t think that it is the will… I think were have entered wars since WWII that have no actual moral imperative to us. While we might speculate about the threat of communism, most of our incursions were more about securing markets or securing oil than they were about our actual survival… Survival motivates like economic expansion never could.

The invasion of Afghanistan was the most popular war in our history; at least when it began. Bush’s popularity shot up to something like 92% immediately following his announcement that the attack had begun. The political will was lost when we couldn’t finish the job and get out in two years.

Everytime there’s collateral damage, the wailing begins anew.

Every time we got a casualty report, usually in single digits, the cries to bring the troops home resumed.

As a nation we have neither the stomach nor the patience/commitment to actually win wars. By win I mean destroy the enemy’s means and or resolve to continue the fight.

That requires a lot of destruction on a grand scale as well as time and in this country we expect everything to be resolved in hours, days, or months, not years.

While Afghanistan may have had an anger component it didn’t have the survival imperative and I might add, the relationship of the military to the civilian population has changed considerably. Given that only about .5% of the population are active duty and reserve units now seem to be on constant rotary, the military is no long attached in any meaningful way to the community. Few people actually know someone who is in the military so gratuitous wars have little meaning. I do agree though that because none of these wars have been truly imperative conflicts the SJW gets far more attention than they should… and because so little of the community is actually emotionally attached to our all volunteer military, they managed to sway politicians. I’m not one that believes in mandatory inscription but it most certainly would put the motivation and determination of any particular conflict back in the heart of the community.

You’re actually wrong here. Between the two wars virtually everyone now knows someonw serving or who has served just as function of the numbers of total enlistees.

We’ve had about 3 million or more people rotate from civilian to miltary and back into civilian life since 9-11.

While it’s only a small percentage of the adult population serving at any given time that’s a whole lot of people. In comparison we only had about 6 million serve in all of WWII but in a much shorter time frame.

As for your survival imperative, that goes back to what I was saying much earlier relative to large scale attacks on the US with enormous casualties exceeding the 9-11 attacks by a factor of 30-100 or more. That would generate the political will for us to inflict similar civilian casualties on the enemy and a lot more patience.

Pearl harbor is what most people remember when they think of the beginning of the US involvement in WWII but at the same time attacks were beginning in the philippines and Aleutians and we suffered many times more casualties in the philippines. Over the next six months as we got driven back all over the Pacific we suffered far more.

That is why when we began the offensive and started seeing over a thousand sailors killed on a single ship or five thousand Marines lost in a single landing, the public still had the resolve to support the war.

Our current wars are happening in places 80% of the population can’t even find on a map and don’t consume the daily news cycle, entertainment and daily conversation between friends and family unless they have family/friends serving or are caring for vets disabled since 9-11.

To win WWII took a national commitment on every level. Almost every industry’s first priority was war production right down to the family farm. All consumer goods were in very short supply because all of the resources were prioritized. Food, tires, anything made of rubber, aluminum, or steel and food were all rationed. Even cigarettes were rationed giving priority to the military so everyone in the nation felt like they were in the fight too.

We’ve become a nation of short sighted eco centric spoiled babies for the most part who don’t care about anything unless it’s directly affecting us at home. That’s just a sad fact.

Most people are more consumed with getting the coolest new toy for their kids for christmas than they are with conditions under which our people overseas are serving much less how military operations are going in general.

And your are in the middle of which metropolitan area?.. 9% of the us population has ever served in the military and that includes the major conflicts of the civil war, WWI and WWII and the callup for Vietnam. You said yourself that you, as I, come from a military family. Our military draws, in its all volunteer military, people from two segments of society… 1) people who generally come from military families or are close to those families or from inner city cannon fodder looking for a job. Many Americans grow up not knowing one person who served. You eluded to this in your later comments. People are just not affected by and are too busy to notice the people who actually put their lives on the line for their country.

With respect to peoples natural involvement with the war effort at any given time… I would suggest that all of those planes and boats and food production are all part and parcel of the US economy now… those people work for the military industrial complex every day and don’t see it as a sacrifice… as a matter of fact, they would likely bitch if we actually brought our troops home.

Our wars are happening in remote places no more than they did during WWII… I mean, where to hell is Tripoli or Guadalcanal … Then again, I suppose you are right, most people can’t name the capitals of their state much less know what the names of countries around the globe are.

The US population has always been slow to rial… after all we have had a buffer zone of two massive oceans to insulate us from cross boarder conflicts. Since WWII, with the exception of Afghanistan which really didn’t get us that fired up, the American public have had absolutely zero motivation to commit to war… except for the constant fear mongering that actually translates to some economic interest. You said it yourself with respect to Afghanistan… when we took a few casualties (for what many asked) and inflicted ‘collateral damage’… did we really have the will to exercise our military in a way that would have decisively decimate the Taliban… No.

Everyone or virtually everyone has a large number of friends and family, classmates etc.

I live in a town of less than 5,000 where 70% or more of the people are related.

In any large school system that has a graduating class of several hundred there will be several enlistees each of whom has friends and family.

You have to work pretty hard to find a family that doesn’t have a vet or someone currently serving in it. This isn’t because we have such large numbers serving at any given time but because of the turnover that has occurred over the last 17 years.

Very few enlistees go beyond a single enlistment which means there’s a tremendous turnover.

You’re right those working today in the defense industry don’t see it as a sacrifice. Most of those who worked in defense related industries during WWII were women who would have rather been at home with their families but were called specifically upon by the president to go to the factories and “do their part”.

All of them sacrificed due to the rationing, every family in the country in fact from the poorest to the wealthiest.

It took a very broad national commitment to win the war and we went from being an also ran nation of upstarts prior to the war to the world’s largest industrial economy following the war as a result of all of the industrialization that occurred to support the war.

The war caused the greatest population shift from rural areas to industrialized areas and from non industrialized towns and cities to those that were industrialized in our history and it literally reshape the nation.

Well… that and the fact that we were the only industrial economy that still had operational factories… That last bit helped out quit significantly.

…a good old fashioned RAT KILLIN’ !!

Machiavelli would be proud!

That doesn’t mean that they care or even know that a second cousin is on his second tour in a war zone… family structure, particularly in urban areas isn’t as cohesive as it use to be and personal interests often times overshadow what other family members are doing particularly if they live halfway across the country. Just because their seem to be only six degrees of separation between any two individuals does not make instagram and facebook a cohesive connection of our society and the people we ‘know’.

That isn’t true at all. Most of Russia’s industry was beyond the reach of the germans, most of japan’s infrastructure was untouched and the Brits actually increased production throughout the war.

Nice try and sliding the goal posts completely out of the stadium.