The Great Awakening Rally

" discover truths and dispel the illusions of our corrupt media"

It sounds good. I think Trump is a woke person, but he can’t say certain things.

Being awake cuts across the Dem/Republican opposition paradigm. It’s not middle of the road either.

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I didn’t click on the link because it appeared to be a solicitation. Is it something else?

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I hope you don’t take this the wrong way earthgirl17 but it would be helpful it you provide a brief synopsis of what your OP is about in future posts. This site frowns upon such posts and it may invite the moderators here to issue you a reminder to do so. Just saying, because your post has an interesting tagline but to be honest your link can not be opened on my end or is problematic so I gave up waiting for it to load.

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Just an ad for an event

Works fine on my end 🤷 It came straight from my email inbox. Legit link. Sure next time I will do a little blurb first. The ad is for events, nothing nefarious or negative guys. Next one is in Myrtle Beach but date is TBA

I am in Asia at the present moment so that could be the reason why I am having trouble with it. Thanks for your consideration as that is refreshing to see here. Will look forward to your next post.

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No worries, and no need to be offended by people who only want to hear the echo chamber. Post whatever you like.


Oh please! Do shut up already, your passive aggressive trolling is getting tiresome!