The Fraudulent Jittss617 AKA Jason Warren has Returned with a fake account

Just in case people are wondering, Jason Warren, aka Jitss617 was banned from this site by the moderators has managed to return with another of his burner accounts. This is to bring this issue to the attention to the moderators because clearly no one wants him here.

Don’t feed his threads here or give him any attention because it is clear that he is not here to offer anything of value but to create dissent by reverting to his old childish behaviors.

Everything will be reported in this thread until the moderators return to address this cancer once again.

@KVN @Patriot @Tyfoon

Don’t pay this loser any mind, he will be on a limited count in the number posts he can post here, including his other fake accounts!

@tt53 @LouMan @Roamingwyoming

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lol someone is but hurt lol

Who cares about a phony LOSER .
:rofl: :rofl: :rofl: