The Fountainhead Rourke Speech

Amazingly predictive from 1949. Gary Cooper was magnificent. Ayn Rand had her flaws, but she was right about so many things.


Nobody liked this one?

I figured you guys would have been all over this.

Love it, just hadn’t seen it.

Much better than John Galt’s speech in Atlas Shrugged.
It ruined the novel. Galt went from a man of action and few words to the ultimate windbag. It also prohibited an Atlas movie from ever being made. Rand insisted that any movie must feature the entire speech, word for word, without interruption. We’re talking 2 or 3 hours of it. No production company would touch it.

It was made into a movie.

A low budget version that went nowhere. Rand was dead when it was made. Galt’s speech was trimmed down to 5 minutes.

Still worth watching.

Better than nothing. It would have been a blockbuster in the late 50s or early 60s when Atlas Shrugged was hot.
Rand was a living contradiction. Her favorite author was Mickey Spillane who wrote the Mike Hammer novels because of his sparse words and no adjectives. Yet she was an avalanche of needless verbiage.

Whatever else she was she was brilliant and could see well into the future.

Bet she’d have been one hell of a chess player if she played.

I liked her philosophy. I was a flaming little teen age liberal until I read one of her books. I think there are a legion of people my age who can say that.

Ayn Rand was a hateful, hypocritical racist who spent a career devoted to “the virtue of selfishness”.

When did she ever make a comment on race? Cite a reference.

She was Russian, that’s how they wrote.

Who told you that? You should read it.

Rand’s works are used as a bible by the greediest, most miserable, parasites in the world. A hypocrite, who when needing taxpayers help, was supported. She had nothing but contempt and demonized others especially those who were disadvantaged and vulnerable. Her work was never, and is never, a solution.

Who told you that? You obviously haven’t read any of it.

No, the greediest most miserable parasites all swear by the likes of Marx.

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It is one of the great speeches in literature, but it is intolerable by the Elsworth Toohey’s of the left. Isn’t it ironic that Occasional Cortex is advocating switching from air travel to trains, and ‘fair deal’ laws to penalize success. It is as if she watched the destruction of the American spirit in Atlas Shrugged and thought- what a great idea!
I couldn’t resist re- posting this:

She is simply trolling looking for attention. I’m ignoring her. Won’t give her the time of day.