The Federalist Society and Judges

While I disagree with much of this, I thought it was an interesting glimpse behind the curtain.

One of their counterweights is law school itself: There’s no question that law school faculties are overwhelmingly liberal, but when it comes to delivering results on the federal bench, the academy is not the same thing as an organization with a focused mission and a budget.

An open admission of indoctrination.

Thank God for The Federalist Society. Donations are tax deductible.

No interest in the one way the White House actually influences our lives?

The problem, of course, is also endemic to liberal politics, which tends to traffic in the rhetoric of identity and outcomes, while conservatives prefer the language of first principles (which, conveniently, lead directly to their preferred outcomes).

Nailed the difference

Have you read Righteous Minds by Haidt?

No, should I? I have some familiarity with the author from a Ben Shapiro Sunday Special.

Yes, it is excellent. The subtitle is Why Good People are Divided by Politics and Religion