The Famous Final Scene of the Trump Administration

Is it just me? Does anyone feel like the whole Trump scene is humming like a high tension power wire at a steadily increasing pitch, amping up and up and up like a classic Star Trek phaser about to overload – as if everything is coming to a head, like something huge and historic and unprecedented and enormous is about to blow up? Like this can’t possibly be sustained much longer, and something has GOT to give?

I just feel like it’s coming, and it’s coming soon.

Maybe in a month I’ll look back at this post and shake my head, but right now, I feel like we’re on the edge of the abyss of history, and the ground is crumbling away beneath us.

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Shut up you stupid troll!


Who is the “us” you are referring to?

OMG… similar posts have been made every day by an army of angry and hurt trolls since months before the 2016 defeat of Clinton. Yes… and once again I’ll respond as I always to.


P.s. it’s likely your own head that is ready to go to warp -10. Please consult with a doctor. The rest of us are seeing blue skies for the president, considering the implosion and cannibalism taking place within the opposition.

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No, I feel that everything in Trumpland is running down. People are indicted, convicted and generally cooperating. The Mueller stuff does seem to be coming to an end with Stone and Manafort being the inside insiders. The Administration has a shrinking pool of people with more leaving than joining.

I think that we are on a long glide to 2020 where the GOP loses the WH and Senate and more state houses because the corruption and incompetence is just a political death sentence.

But the payoff, the coup de grace, will occur in 2020 when redistricting so devastates the GOP that the party goes through a rebirth and rebuilding into something other than the gathering of the politically diseased that it currently is.

Nahhhhhhh. There are tons of Trump haters out there who feel the same as you do.

And the impending explosion you are predicting will be your collective heads exploding when Trump is reelected in 2020.

Carry on. :+1:

In case you’ve forgotten what pain trump hating wisdom brings, I’m including this, which everyone has seen but has forgotten.
You will be hurt again in 2020. You can take that to the bank. Seriously… review this video. See THE CERTAINTY your idiot left had about Trump? Are you a bunch of masochists?

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It’ll be ok.


Yes, the democrats are making life just about intolerable.

Who in their right mind would block border security?

Insanity is the mainstay of the democrat party with the idiots trying to see who can come up with the most outrageous position.

You may very well get your dream come true, a new country California with the liberal country and conservative state. NYC a separate country.

And yes we will build a wall to keep the lunatics in.

Those who have never been effected, truly believe they never will be nor can understand or care about the impact on others.


When you look at Texas, Colorado, states that have a huge tax burden to support illegals it’s obvious that something has to be done however when you have states that offer sanctuary cities, have few illegals, they could care less.

He will leave in january 2025. :grin::+1:


Actually feels like the opposite, things have finally calmed down a bit.

Actually, you’re right.

Maybe the ANTIFA wackadoodles found jobs? Haven’t heard about them in awhile. :+1:

It’s winter and they don’t want to leave mommy’s basement as it’s cold out there.

Well there is that to consider :thinking:

But there are plenty of people walking around with nice warm coats on who certainly wouldn’t mind “giving” them away. After all, they have more at home, right? :woozy_face:

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