The Extinction Of Integrity

Integrity, that is when everyone does everything right, is what keeps a nation going, the lack of integrity, that is when everyone does everything wrong, is what brings down a nation. America is losing its integrity at a very rapid rate. There are hackers everywhere now, and fraudulent phone calls, robberies and murders, and every kind of evil, no nation can withstand this. All civilizations collapse sooner or later, and America will never see 2050. Better prepare yourselves for survival on all levels for the end is coming.
Fools run the world, and we are caught in the middle. You know what a fool is? A fool is a person who denies the truth when the truth is obvious. And this world is full of fools. We Americans consider ourselves an armed people, but we are not. The Taliban are an armed people, and if our government collapses,
theTaliban will come here; then what?

I don’t know about all that Radical……

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Where does this nonsense come from anyway?

Joe Biden let in over 100,000 unvetted Afghanistan’s , do the math Mc fly

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Don’t worry so much. Congress IS going to flip to the Republicans in 22. Trump WILL be president in 24. He will be succeeded by Ron DeSantis, and that should be eight years of enough fixing to undo what the DemoNazis have done.


Ever heard of 9 /11 or the TWIN TOWERS ? ASSWIPE

Far TOO MUCH damage done !!!

I hope you aren’t right. Still, it’s going to be a monumental job just getting the illegal aliens out of here.

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An impossible task at this point . :nauseated_face: :face_with_symbols_over_mouth: