The Expansion of Chinese Territory Continues Vs. India

What is the easiest route to expanding one’s influence as a country?
How about just grabbing some of the country next door … has to be easier than building islands in the South China Sea.

The Ladakh region of India, just a few days ago.
Watch it soon before YouTube takes it down.


The quiet revolution, no guns!


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When you have an internal problem, it’s always a good idea to divert the attention of your sheeple to outside.

Catalyst for WW3, because other WWs had been started for less.


More development

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Both China and India are gigantic countries and they really don’t care about a speck of land in the middle of nowhere.

But again, war is an extension of politics.
The best way to divert the attention of the sheep from domestic troubles is a conflict with another country.

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Absolutely. Nothing unites the country better than a common enemy (and not some small fry that you beat down, like US vs. Vietnam, for example).

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China is busy building specs of land in the middle of nowhere.
The activity is starting to alarm the Australians.

They are somewhat slow in realizing the danger (of any kind).
The Australian iron ore, among other things, is sold to China.
Big cities in Australia are swamped with Chinese students and migrants.

Kevin Rudd, who was Prime Minister (2007-2010 and again in 2013), was fluent in Chinese and instrumental in getting more and more Chinese investments.

Oh No! the Indians are done-for

China is emboldened by our own Globalist enemies.

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Indeed, as it is real simple to just blame a country for all that is taking place negatively in the world today, but truth is the enablers are part of a much larger cabal to which the CCP are a part of.

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Many are found inside the US.
Trump called them the Deep State.
And they are in cahoots with the CCP.

Another useless stupid post by the resident retard!

Stop your thoughtless harassment.

Oops, if thoughtless is taken away from you, nothing is left of you.

----- Both India and China are BRICS nations (India, China, Brazil, Russia and South Africa), and yet China is the only openly communist country. Traditionally, India is aligned with Russia to balance Pakistan’s alignment with the US.

Russia is likely to stay away from China’s border issues, because Russia had them in the past, and doesn’t want to wake the sleeping child.

When I was Yekaterinburg (center of heavy industry, due to its proximity to the Ural mountains rich in iron ores) last year, I noticed the presence of large Chinese corporations and Chinese residents sent there by their employers. And Moscow was full of Chinese tourists who could enter Russia without visa, so I heard. Since then, Russia’s relationship with China seems to have cooled somewhat, partly due to the virus thing.

I don’t know much about Modi’s stance toward the globalist elite. When I saw some Indian currency, I was surprised to see all sorts of Illuminati symbols.

There’s no doubt that CCP is trying to use the border conflict to their advantage, given the serious domestic issues such as flooding (as a result of which millions were displaced in central China) which must be part of weather warfare against China.

Pretty much sums up the substance of your posts here, which isn’t saying much!

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New Chinese War movie about ww2 1938. Not available in the US yet.

I can’t tell if it’s propaganda or a good war movie.

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No thank you! I will never watch anything that was produced in China, by China.

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BRICS is a term that was coined by fund and equity managers to collectively refer to a group of growing and attractive investment opportunities.

Russia is a powerful country, however it is hobbled by a poor native currency and needs trading partners.

I am interested to see any evidence you have that protagonists can control the weather.