The End Of The World Is Nigh - if you are a pig

A horrendous disease is sweeping the planet. Described as “pig ebola” it originated in Africa, and has transmitted to Europe and Asia.

Currently not transmissible to humans, but now that it has reached China where all kinds of animals live in close proximity I have this awful feeling that soon a duck is going to develop the disease. Then things could go downhill pretty quickly.

Well., not surprised as China has allowed Africans to migrate to China and what could go wrong with imports of their goods in exchange for exploitation of their resources in their home country?

This isn’t new and they handled the bird flu the same way, by exterminating all the poultry on any farm where it turned up.

On the positive side, it should lend strength to the argument for allowing imports from the USA.

Who says “nigh” ??? :open_mouth:

A horse with no teeth

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Well… Bill Nye says it. Spelled

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Apparently there are several alternatives…

Great googily moogily, who doesn’t?

Perfectly good word that should be used more.