The End of the Internet

The issue of the Internet ending is suggested by Roger Hamilton that it already has happened with China, the US and the EU instituting their own sovereign rules that governs their own cyber space National security, and now we can refer to the net as the “Splinter net.”

The question that he raises towards the end of this video is this:

"What do you think? Are we headed towards a future that will be a dystopia, One in which Humanity achieves Independence or one in which we will be fighting a revolution? Of course he poses these questions while acknowledging that we are currently living in times where people are the most conflicted and discontent with the way government is seeking new ways to control our lives, our private information among other things.

Ending cell phones will hopefully follow.

Fewer accidents on the roads.

Cell phones was the worse invention of all time! Just look at the status of humanity today!

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