The Duplicitous Nature and Treachery of VP Mike Pence

Getting into the weeds and connecting the dots on why things played out the way they did during and after Trump’s presidency, takes a deeper loook at Mike Pence’s treachery, back stabbing double dealings to undermine Trump is the issue that is at the center of it all.

First a little context on Emerald Robinson as her article explaining Pence’s role and making the connections to various motives within the DC swamp is by far an excellent expose and on the money. Emerald Robinson has always been over the target when it comes to reporting accurate stories involving political machinations within close circles of the White House. She is not only well respected but another political DC insider much like of Sheryl Atkinson’s acumen and integrity when getting to and reporting on the truth; which might explain why she was systematically removed from various media platforms such as Twitter, Newsmax as well as Fox News. When that happens then its fair to say such journalists are actually doing their jobs and the Big club will doing anything to silence these types of people. That is where Substack comes in, a platform that has become the landing place for such maligned reporters who want to expose the truth. Dr Malone as being another person to use Substack to get the truth out is merely another example of people refusing to be silent on important issues. Exposing Mike Pence’s betrayal of then President Trump would be considered an important topic that needs to be told.


Why did Trump hire Pence in the first place? Who was behind that recommendation? Rence Priebus? Establishment RINOS?

“Pence is a creature of the GOP donors, not an America First patriot. That much is obvious now. Pence was added to the Trump ticket to restrain Trump’s populism — and that’s what he tried to do for four years”

Why did Trump trust Pence with the COVID task force assignment?

"The worst mistake that President Trump made during his administration was probably turning over the COVID Task Force to VP Mike Pence — because Pence turned it over to his chief of staff Marc Short and Marc Short turned it over to a little known national security official with no medical expertise. If you want to know the name of the person most responsible for unleashing the Dr. Fauci vaccine nightmare on America then remember the name of Mike Pence’s “COVID advisor”: Olivia Troye."

Why did Trump not trust his most loyal followers like Bannon, Navarro, and Flynn?

Because they were a threat to the establishment and had to be removed at all costs. Obama previously warned Trump about not hiring Flynn during the transition period of Trumps beginning days into his administration. Bannon was viewed as a loose cannon and would have no doubt been doubling down on focusing on China’s double dealings with many members of congress and the Senate, advocating for more tariffs, and more actions to limit the CCP’s influence in DC; essentially threatening people like McConnell’s bottom dollar and exposing their economic treasonous behaviors among other things was seen by many as a “red Alert” moment that had to be stopped.

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The Treachery of VP Mike Pence Explained

Who fired General Flynn and started the Russia Hoax in the first place?

Emerald Robinson

Feb 2

Finally, President Donald Trump chose to lob a verbal grenade in the general direction of his old VP Mike Pence last Sunday night — regarding Pence’s ability to formally contest the results of the stolen 2020 election. This was, for many Trump supporters, long overdue. Here is Trump’s statement on the matter:

The reason that Mike Pence did not exercise the power to lawfully contest the election is because Mike Pence was never a Trump loyalist. He’s a GOP establishment loyalist. There were plenty of problems inside the Trump Administration, and Vice President Mike Pence was at the center of many of those problems. In fact, it’s always been obvious that Pence and his staff were deeply involved in trying to remove President Trump from office.

Whenever the subject of Mike Pence comes up in casual conversation, I always ask the same question: “Do you know Olivia Troye? Do you know Jennifer Williams? Do you know Katherine Seaman and Josh Pitcock?”

If you’re drawing a blank with these names then I’m sorry to inform you that you were not paying close enough attention to politics during the Trump Years. Also, you were not paying attention to my Twitter feed — because I was reporting on these problems all the time during the Trump Administration.

So, without further ado, let’s review all the evidence against Mike Pence. Trust me: there’s a lot of evidence.

1) Who Fired General Michael Flynn?

Let’s begin with Mike Pence’s least favorite question: “Why did you insist that President Trump fire his National Security Advisor Michael Flynn in the opening days of the administration?” The official story is that Gen. Flynn had lied to Mike Pence about Flynn’s contacts with Russian diplomats. Nobody has bothered to ask Pence exactly how he was informed about Flynn’s private conversations . Think about it: somebody went to Pence with transcripts of Flynn’s calls, and told Pence that Flynn was a national security risk. Who would have access to such phone calls? Who would want to lie about the nature of those phone calls to get Flynn fired?

It almost certainly must have been disgraced FBI agent Peter Strozk.

It’s likely that Strzok was the one who pushed for VP Pence to fire Flynn because we know that Peter Strozk’s assistant was Katherine Seaman — the wife of Mike Pence’s chief of staff Josh Pitcock. We also have the text exchanges between Strozk and Page discussing infiltrating the Trump White House in great detail. (This was the subject of an extraordinary letter from Senator Grassley and Senator Johnson to AG Bill Barr.) What did Pence know about the FBI’s attempts to spy on the Trump White House? Is it even possible that Mike Pence was totally unaware that his chief of staff’s spouse worked directly for the chief of the counter-espionage unit of the FBI?

We know that President Obama warned President Trump not to hire Flynn in 2016. We also know that Flynn himself believes that Obama advised Trump against hiring him because Flynn knew about the Obama administration’s role in spying on Trump’s presidential campaign. Removing Flynn as Trump’s National Security Advisor was a top priority for the Deep State.

In other words, Mike Pence was the first person to set the Russia Hoax into motion.

2) The Ukraine Impeachment

During the failed Ukraine impeachment of President Trump, plenty of State Department and NSC swamp creatures crawled out of the shadows to hurl lame accusations about Trump’s phone call with Ukraine President Zelensky. Did you know that one of main accusers was a national security official on Vice President Mike Pence’s staff?

A State Department official named Jennifer Williams was placed on Pence’s staff in April of 2019 — which was just in time to get involved in the Ukraine call and the subsequent impeachment. (What a coincidence that she arrived mere weeks before the call!) Just imagine being a few months into your new job in the White House only to volunteer to testify against the President in an impeachment trial over phone calls you didn’t like.

If you find that scenario absurd, you’re not alone. During her testimony before Congress, Jennifer Williams identified her working colleagues on Ukraine issues as Alex Vindman, Fiona Hill, and George Kent. She also testified that Trump’s call was”unusual and inappropriate” without explaining her legal reasoning. (That’s not so strange because Williams had defied an order from the White House by agreeing to appear for her deposition at all.) She was then sent off to CENTCOMM right after the Ukraine impeachment was over.

Williams’ attempted takedown of President Trump moved her immediate supervisor Lt. Gen Keith Kellogg to issue his own statement about Williams:

Ms. Williams was also on the call, and as she testified, she never reported any personal or professional concerns to me, her direct supervisor, regarding the call. In fact, she never reported any personal or professional concerns to any other member of the Vice President’s staff, including our Chief of Staff and the Vice President.

Again, obvious questions should be asked. Did Williams ask permission from Pence to testify against Trump? What did Pence know about Williams and her sudden interest in testifying at an impeachment trial against President Trump? Why did Pence not dissuade her from testifying in the first place?

This is the second time that Mike Pence and his office were involved in plots against President Trump manufactured by national security officials. Do you see a pattern forming yet?

3) Olivia Troye And The COVID Vaccines

The worst mistake that President Trump made during his administration was probably turning over the COVID Task Force to VP Mike Pence — because Pence turned it over to his chief of staff Marc Short and Marc Short turned it over to a little known national security official with no medical expertise. If you want to know the name of the person most responsible for unleashing the Dr. Fauci vaccine nightmare on America then remember the name of Mike Pence’s “COVID advisor” Olivia Troye.

Why was the decision made to treat the COVID virus (developed and funded by the U.S. Government under the thin disguise of the EcoHealth Alliance) exclusively with experimental vaccines (developed with funding from DARPA) instead of therapeutics? Perhaps because Pence picked a national security official to advise him on COVID who regularly appears on TV now with a framed picture of Dr. Fauci hanging prominently behind her in her house.

Olivia Troye was just as motivated to destroy the Trump Administration as Jennifer Williams, but she didn’t have the same level of interest in protecting VP Mike Pence from the fallout. (Pence’s people probably figured this out the day that Troye appeared in a TV ad announcing that she would vote for Biden.) Once again, Gen. Keith Kellogg was sent out to explain that Olivia Troye was another bad apple that happened to be planted in Pence’s office. (In fact, Kellogg announced that he had personally escorted Troye out of the White House when she was fired.) Troye then started a personal grift operation called the Republican Accountability Project — in which she came out of the closet as a full time political operative for the Democrat Party.

So that’s three members of VP Mike Pence’s office who engaged in anti-Trump activities during normal business hours. That’s a lot of treachery. Let’s not forget the ringleader of so much of this malice too: Pence’s chief of staff Marc Short.

4) Pence’s Chief of Staff Gets Locked Out of White House by Trump

If you still harbor doubts about Pence’s treachery, let’s turn to Pence’s chief of staff Marc Short for confirmation of these activities. On January 6th, Short found himself locked out of the White House with his car still in the parking lot. When a reporter asked Short why this had happened, Short’s reply was surprisingly honest: “He’s blaming me for advice to VP.” The he in this case, of course, is Trump.

My own sources in the White House told me that Pence’s chief of staff Marc Short was literally the first person to call for Trump to accept the results of the stolen election and concede to Biden. Like I said at the beginning: there’s a lot of evidence of Pence’s treachery.

Long before GOP voters were suddenly surprised by Pence’s “lack of courage” on January 6th, I warned my followers on social media that any trust in Pence was misplaced. My sources in the White House told me that Pence simply disappeared after the 2020 election. (He went skiing in Vail rather than bother with contesting the 2020 election.) I wrote on Twitter at the time:

  • We might need to stick VP Mike Pence’s face on the back of milk cartons because he’s disappeared. Nov 08, 2020

Why did Pence and his staff spend four years hobbling the Trump Administration? Why can’t people believe that the GOP would try to impeach Trump to clear the way for Pence? Most Republican voters have never met the big GOP donors — and have no idea what they do with their money. The big donors wanted a Mike Pence/Nikki Haley ticket in 2024. They don’t really care what GOP voters want, and they never have. These are the people who pushed Jeb in 2016. And Paul Ryan before that. And Dan Quayle before that.

Pence is a creature of the GOP donors, not an America First patriot. That much is obvious now. Pence was added to the Trump ticket to restrain Trump’s populism — and that’s what he tried to do for four years. When pro-Trump aides were sidelined in the Trump White House, I heard the same thing from all of them: they were told to sit down and shut up and, if they were quiet, they might get to work for Pence and Haley in 2024.

It’s time for Republican voters to admit that they had no idea who Mike Pence was . Don’t be too upset with yourself. He fooled plenty of people. The man you thought he was — that guy doesn’t really exist. It’s time you paid much closer attention to your favorite politicians though— if you want your country to survive.

Look closely at this picture and it says it all. A picture is worth a thousand words as the saying goes!


Pence wasn’t the only one in his administration that turned on Trump the list is very, very long . Trump did more for blacks and they voted D across the board .

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True, but being the VP everything carries downstream from where he sat. The fact he did what he did is pretty treacherous to be able to undermine the president himself. That to me is one of the biggest betrayals in American history to be able to undermine the people who elected Trump with a mandated agenda. This is not going to be forgotten easily especially now that Pence is considering running for president. I bet my bottom dollar that it will be Pence going up against Trump for the Republican nomination in 2024 to which they will try to rig that process and try to put Pence in instead of Trump. They did the same thing to Ron Paul back in 2012.


Pence wouldn’t stand a chance , I would be surprised if Pence got 2% of the votes . Ron DeSantis is the guy that can beat Trump . I hope he runs . :sunglasses:


Here is an Update with Pence responding to Trump’s claims that he could have overturned the election and of course he is lying. Notice the language being used.

“President Trump is wrong. I had no right to overturn the election. The presidency belongs to the American people and the American people alone. Frankly, there is no idea more un-American than the notion that any one person could choose the president. Under the constitution, I had no right to change the outcome of our election. And Kamala Harris will have no right to overturn the election when we beat them in 2024.”


Trying to change the narrative and lie about what you were asked to do won’t work Mike. Your career on the national stage is over and you’ve proven yourself to be an establishment back-stabbing RINO republican. So, take your seat right next to Nikki Haley, Ben Sasse and Liz Cheney and shut the F#&K up.

More shady shit going on here. Conservative Federalist Society is sponsored by Mark Zuckerberg to where Mike Pence was speaking at. The GOP establishment hacks love their big donors so much so they will gladly take the “Sucks” money and turn a blind eye to his 2020 election meddling!