The difference between "we the people" and "WE THE PEOPLE"

DC is a city state. Just like the City of London and Vatican.

Trump still is the President of the sovereign Republic, not the corporation ruled out of DC, a foreign entity. It’s being seized by the US military.

OK, I admit I don’t quite understand everything but I know Trump is still in control.

Go to 30:00 or so to save time.

Now that’s hilarious. You have been wrong about everything you predicted relative to the election and now you think that Trump is still in charge of something…:stuck_out_tongue::stuck_out_tongue::stuck_out_tongue:

Trump won By a landslide

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The US military.
Who are they following?
Biden or Trump?

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The US military follows the commander in chief of which we have one at a time in America…

Presently that is Joe Biden…

Joe Biden doesn’t even know what he’s signing lol
He just gave 400 billion to Honduras and Guatemala while American business are closing… poor joe will be decertified soon

He probably doesn’t know where he is, either. LOL

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Pure jealousy that such a frail old fellar beat the pants off of Trump…:rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl:

Thank god courts will decertify his vote in 4-6 states soon


Yeah! Got to love what is going on in Arizona right now. The GOP RINOS are being called out!

The only landslide here is the one thats a freeway up your ass by retrumpliCONS

Prove it assHOLE thats a place well used by all the R PARTY