The Destruction of Gender Roles


My fault for not being clear, I take responsibility for that, welfare or what we call modern welfare was created by FDR in 1935 the Social Security Act as part of his new deal, that is what I was referring to, again my fault for not being clear.

Welfare as in programs to help the poor existed supported by congress on a smaller scale, you okay with that now?

But a lot of the poor were helped out by charities , churches and the community.


An overview as to the FDR and Hoover administrations is covered well in “The Forgotten Man.”
“With his “brain trust” of outside experts, FDR transformed the way federal government did business, centralising power at the expense of individual states. The scale of his ambition is still breathtaking: new towns were created, vast cooperative farms were tested, trade unions were given statutory rights (including the closed shop), and workers won a minimum wage and the promise of a pension. Thousands of out-of-work writers and photographers were employed to portray the daily life of America’s towns and cities and evangelise for the New Deal.”


Relative to state. Central Government is a term used by the founders.


That doesn’t help your cause. You’re too young to be condescending.


It still is. The difference is now there’s nothing left and the poor wouldn’t know what to do with it.


We were sold out to a bunch of foreigners in exchange for a few payoffs. Thirty years ago.


I’ll never forget the first time I watched Nixon make trade deals with a giant communist country while waging war on a smaller one.


Yeah a lot of big names in our history were huge hypocrites. I was just talking about Lincoln in another thread. When it comes to the Constitution, he was the biggest hypocrite of them all, imo.


“If I could save the Union without freeing any slave I would do it, and if I could save it by freeing all the slaves I would do it; and if I could save it by freeing some and leaving others alone I would also do that.”

–President Lincoln

Americans come first on the campaign trail; not the intentions, not the results.


Numerous examples of Lincoln violating the Constitution leading up to and during the Civil War. Any other country, when the writer of a contract breaks a contract that contract is no longer enforceable. Except here apparently, where the central government broke their written contract and yet we’re still dealing with their lawlessness today.


Well , ya taught me something. My patents are my company’s IP because it paid for my research. But I hear it’s a subsidy now?



You mean like the solar subsidies wind subsidies???







Over half of federal government spending is on TWO, 2, over 2 trillion dollars on 2 entitlement programs.

Go ahead guess what 2 entitlement classifications spend over half of all Fedral spending.


You should probably direct your comment to the correct individual,


He did. Unless you also called IP a subsidy.


I did. It was sarcasm.


Well, you must remember that the Constitution was signed by a bunch of slave owners that coined the phrase. “All Men are Created Equal”.


Of course. Slaves weren’t seen as men at the time. They were barely above cattle. Check out the Bible sometime. It’s chalk full of slavery.


Back on topic.

If some men want to take on the roll of the traditional woman so be it. More power to them. Just don’t try to make it into something that measures all men.


Not all males get to be alpha in their homes.


Me either. My dad was a rice farmer.