The Democratic Party is the Party of Racist Hegemony!

Burgess Owens is slowly and quietly becoming one of America’s living treasures. When he speaks, he makes every word count as displayed in the video below. He calls out the left and by pointing out the words and phrases they themselves have used. This video needs to be saved, booked marked and played on an endless loop as he laid waste to what used to be called the Democratic party now known as the party of Jim Crow.

Rep. Burgess Owens (R-UT) gave a searing statement before the Post-Roe Judiciary Committee Hearing. Owens boldly went where many Black elected leaders have failed to go: Calling out the overt racism of the Left, and the Democrat apparatus that supports it.

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Why are Blacks still on board With Biden?

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New polling from Pew Research and from NY Times/Siena College, released a few days apart, cast similarly dismal pictures regarding the popularity of President Joe Biden.

Overall approval for Biden from NY Times/Siena College stands at 33% and from Pew 37%.

However, both polls show approval for the president much stronger than the national average among minorities.

The NY Times/Siena college poll shows Black approval for Biden at 62%, which, according to the Times, is higher than “any other race or ethnicity, age group or education level.”

Per Pew, Black approval for Biden stands at 57%.

And Trump did more for blacks than any other president !

GO RON D 2024