The Dangerous Case of Joe Biden

Oh wait we are not even suppsoed ti talk about Biden’s age. But when it’s a republican candidate such as Trump or Reagan, it’s free-game. They even wrote a book about it.

Twitter has updated its hate speech policies to cover tweets that make dehumanizing remarks, which are remarks that treat “others as less than human,” on the basis of age, disability, or disease. The changes follow updates to the company’s polices made last July that said Twitter would remove tweets that dehumanize religious groups.

Prior to that, Twitter issued a broad ban in 2018 on dehumanizing speech to compliment its existing hate speech policies that cover protected classes like race and gender. It has since been updating these dehumanization policies to take into account specific cases its original ruleset failed to address, based on user feedback.

As Biden clearly shows signs of dementia this far out from November, it behooves us to be extreme in vetting him and his mental fitness to control the buttons. I have serious doubts about his mental stability…a lot more so than when he was a Senator.

Biden needs his wife and handlers too much to guide him through each day.

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Ridin with Biden yo…

If the DNC happens to get away with vote manipulation and “election meddling” in november and get Biden in the whitehouse, they can get basically anyone to be the president via his VP ticket. Imagine one year into the Biden presidency and he resigns due to “mental” issue, and we get ourselves an unelected president.


There is even more trouble brewing however! Wait for it!

That makes him perfect in the eyes of establishment Democrats. No talkback or ideas of his own to interfere with their programming. :grimacing:

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Calling it dementia is a little extreme - he’s just a mediocrity who’s getting old. He’ll be dogmeat in November, much like McCain was in 2008. His defeat will just be routine and predictable. His campaign will have no arguments in his favor, there aren’t any, it will just be nonstop smears on Trump. The Dems have already beaten that horse to death.

Perhaps our respective connotations of “dementia” differ. Even occasional utterances of blatantly incorrect statements such as he makes qualifies as dementia to me…especially when he doesn’t bother correcting himself immediately or gives up trying to do so when he screws it up worse.

He would not survive a conversation with Tucker Carlson or a debate with Donald Trump.

heh heh Biden would be at risk with softballs from the ladies of “The View”

Trump should call him Captain Brainfart

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Bernie just did a press conference and announced all of the questions he has for Joe in the upcoming Phoenix debate.

I wonder if Joe will be able to remenber his show prep even without an audience. This should be grand.

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Wouldn’t it be great if he named HRC as his VP??? He would have a " mysterious " death in the White House.

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Joe does have some signs of early onset of dementia. It could be the start of Frontal Temporal Dementia.

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“Vote for me you lying fat shit-faced pony soldier!”


Jerry Wayne, a Michigan autoworker who was recently thrust into the political spotlight after getting into it with Democrat presidential frontrunner Joe Biden, was gifted a new rifle. Michigan firearms manufacturer reached out to Wayne to present him with a custom weapon featuring artwork mocking the Biden encounter.

“AR-14,” is inscribed on the side of the rifle along with a silhouette of Biden saying, “You’re full of shit!”

The manufacturer, Next Level Armament, wrote, “When a patriot stands up for the 2a community it is a great thing, especially when he’s from the great state of Michigan. But when Jerry Wayne got all up in Joe Biden’s feels, we decided we needed to get him taken care of. Next Level Armament AR-14 edition AR-15 lasered up by @armoryvalentine for our boy. Luckily he was able to make time to stop by for a visit and we were able to present this build to him!”


Not to worry , he will follow the direction of Congressman James E. Clyburn and pick a black VP and will appoint several black women to the Supreme Court if elected . God help us if that moron get in office .

I don’t have much fear of that happening, even with all of this chaos from the corona virus.

The Dems and their obedient media will try to make Biden the second coming of Cicero, but that will just be like trying to sell rancid meat. Even the Dems know that Biden is a flaccid, forgettable nobody.

The ■■■ liberal media is way more powerful than most can imagine .

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