The Curious Connection of Julian Assange, DOJ, and the FBI

Having worked in DC as an Attorney under Contract with DOD one thing I learned is not the handshakes and smiles in formal meetings that mean something, but the filed motions and lateral moves of individuals that define the swamp survival from the TOP all the way down to the lowest denominator! The hierarchical structure of its machinations is designed to compartmentalise the true motives of bureaucrats where endless paper trails reach dead ends when going from one agency to another. These are the insular barriers to which leads run cold for those seeking a definitive answer in hopes they eventually give up by way of contrition.

Having said that, this article caught my attention today as to why Julian Assange is still rotting away in a UK jail cell, and the explanation given to where the motives and the reasons behind them, connects the dots in the most plausible way possible. Sundance having the same experience as me as an attorney working in DC seems to be hitting the mark in explaining the various moves by DC operatives from Sessions recusal to Rod Rosenstein’s role to the present discourse of the DOJ and FBI it now starts to make sense with greater clarity.

Take a few moments to read the linked article and let’s it’s contents sink in for a bit. What are your thoughts? What are the key points that are to be scrutinised further?

I put my curse on all of those who were instrumental in his persecution and imprisonment, and hope they all die of cancer, slowly and painfully.

Don’t let your emotions get in the way of your intellect when making a proper analysis of what this post is about! It certainly isn’t about your feelings in the greater perspective of things.

Well excuse me for becoming ‘emotive’ over something like ‘as to why Julian Assange is still rotting away in a UK jail cell’ after being forcibly incarcerated for 7 effing years of his life.

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The reason I was selective is because of the mention of the DOJ and FBI, so as you say, I’m not interested in the US aspect because I don’t have the necessary knowledge, nor want it. Jesus what a fucking storm in a teacup you’re making of this.

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