The Crime of Donald Trump

Technically speaking, Donald Trump is guilty of something – he’s guilty of the crime of being Donald Trump. He hasn’t broken any laws, but laws have been modified to break him.

As former NKVD (now the KGB) head Lavrentiy Beria once famously said, “Show me the man and I’ll show you the crime.”

So far:

Judge Lewis Kaplan – total damages $88.3 million dollars to be paid to E. Jean Carroll

Kaplan wouldn’t allow Trump to present any evidence in his own defense. The “trial” was a complete joke – Carroll couldn’t even remember the year the alleged sexual assault took place and by some miracle of a coincidence, all the details of her account matched perfectly with the plot of an episode of Law and Order: SVU. Her entire case was a bad joke that has gone on for far too long. The alleged assault took place “in 1995 or 1996” but Carroll never even accused Trump of raping her until 2019.

Judge Arthur Engoron – total damages $453.5 million to be paid to the state of New York

Of all the litigation involving Trump, this case is the most egregious of them all. Trump was convicted of a victimless crime, allegedly overvaluing his real estate holdings, in order to receive favorable loan terms from banks from whom Trump wanted to borrow money – money that was borrowed and repaid in full . The banks that lent Trump money want to lend him money again, but Engoron’s draconian ruling temporarily prohibits them from doing new business with one of their best customers.

There is no doubt that Trump should win on appeal… but can he afford to appeal?

Trump is expected to pay the entire amount of the judgment to the court in cash to appeal this unjust judgment against him.

More judgements are expected

Election interference at it’s finest.

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Another eample of our two tiered legal system.

Nancy Pelosi’s Massive Stock Trade Paycheck Raises Concerns

Pelosi has now made 10 years worth of salary through her $NVDA trade.

She’s up ~$1,800,000 in just 92 days.

Her yearly salary is $175K.

Over the years, the timing of Pelosi’s stock trades has raised eyebrows, suggesting that her political influence could have scored her insider knowledge.

In 2023, the Democrat saw a 65 percent return on her investments, outweighing the S&P 500’s overall 24 percent gain. Soon after, her fellow party members called for the banning of stock trades by members of Congress.

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Is the Biden Crime Family Worse Than the Mafia?

Crime. It is a big business in America and has been for more than a century. Today, unfortunately, when you add up all of their crimes, the dollar total, the national security breaches, and the devastation to the American middle class, the number one crime family in America occupies the White House.

Crime Upon Crime

Weeks back, Sammy Gravano, known as Sammy the Bull, was a guest on the Fox show “Watters’ World,” hosted by Jesse Watters, part of the weeknight lineup on that network. When a self-confessed and now reformed member of the Mafia talks about crime, it’s usually worth a listen.

Gravano, who was an underboss for the Gambino crime family in New York and who testified in court against John Gotti, appearing on national television, had some poignant comments on crime emanating from the top in America. He said that quite a few of the people he encounters are fearful about speaking up regarding the true nature of the Bidens.

“I don’t understand how the country is just sitting back listening to these things [about the Bidens], and no action is being taken,” Gravano said. “If you want my opinion, there are so many guys that I know who would go to prison for 20 [years] to lifetime sentences for this kind of stuff, and when it comes from the president, the vice president, and people like that, it’s beyond theft. It’s treason to a country.”

Gravano himself was no choir boy. He committed armed robbery, larceny, and hijacking. He was a racketeer and loan shark. What’s most shocking: he killed at least 19 people serving as a hitman in the Gambino crime family.

Treason Hurts Everyone

“I remember when I was younger,” he recalled, “when I was in the military, treason was something that you faced the death penalty for because you’re robbing every man, woman, and child, every race, Black, white, Hispanic, Asian. I mean, you can’t get a more disgusting crime than this.”

“I’ve been hearing it over and over again, and I don’t understand why there’s no action,” he lamented. “There’s certain people like yourself [referring to Jesse Watters] talking about it, and I’m very proud of you. I know a lot of people in the media industry, men and women, through the years, and they’re good people. They went to colleges and universities to come out and stop things like this and protect us small people, and yet they do nothing.”

“I know why they do nothing,” he emphasized. “I spoke to a lot of them. I’m not going to mention names, but a lot of them have… they’re a single mom, or they have a job that’s paying well. Their bosses won’t let them talk; if they do talk, they get fired, and it’s a shame.”

Gravano’s words should make all of us stop and think. When crime is institutionalized, originating from the highest executive office in the land and from federal agencies, understandably, the country is in deep trouble.

Lining Up at the Trough

One of the well-known mobsters of the 20th century, Al Capone, was hard to stop. Why? He had every other police officer and every other government official in his back pocket. They were all accepting payola from Capone.

Democrats practice the same payola, except they have considerably more power and money than Capone could ever dream of having. Democrats have their way with top officials at the Department of Justice, the FBI, the CIA, the National Security Administration, and even the National Institutes of Health, the Centers for Disease Control, the Federal Trade Commission, and the National Archives. In fact, scores of agencies, departments, or divisions in government are beholding to today’s Democrats in one way or another.

Concurrently, people on the Right who have done nothing wrong or who have perhaps committed process crimes are being prosecuted in ways that transcend any of their transgressions. It’s not simply Donald Trump and the range of ridiculous lawsuits thrown at him and fines and penalties of historic proportions. Many of his aids, staff people, advisors, and even relatives have been harassed, cajoled, in some cases indicted, and in some cases convicted.

Abuse from the Top

What’s remarkable about Gravano’s observations is that there is someone who spent a life in crime and is concerned about the welfare of the country and the ways in which our top leader has abused his office, his constituents, and his nation. If only a tiny handful of top-ranking Democrats shared his concerns.

So you don’t have to commit a crime in order to be found guilty of one. Fun times!


And when you commit crimes simply say your too weak and old and all is forgiven .


Is the concern she hasn’t made enough money from the market?

NO . Insider trading is a CRIME !!!

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Only for the little people.

And never the dems in office making millions !!

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This one aged well!

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The crime of doing nothing? Who would have thought we’d cross this rubicon?


More unqualified blacks in the position of power and an avenue to deal out punishment to whites .

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