The cost of living in a 'WOKE" City today

Murderers Walk Among Us, Coddled by the Left .

The real cost of living in a woke City .

On July 15, 1993, nearly thirty years ago, the late Kristen Scott-Miller’s killer, an 18-year old named Anthony Georg Simpson, did not commit premeditated murder. This was according to a jury of 12 men and women in Chapel Hill – wokesters, years before the term came into vogue. Although he had loaded his gun and departed with it from his house, Simpson received a second degree murder sentence, making him eligible for parole more than ten years ago.

One Bright Summer Morning

The deceased was on her morning jog. She was 26 and newly married. She had a budding career. Her murderer jumped out of some bushes, demanded something, and attacked her: he pumped five bullets into her at close range. So, quick, let’s let him out today. He’s only had several infractions while incarcerated including violent and sexual transgressions… but I digress.

Let’s review his behavior on that fateful morning when Kristen Scott-Miller’s life came to an abrupt and ultra-violent end. Mr Simpson:

  1. stole or otherwise acquired a gun sometime prior to that morning.

  2. at some earlier point, bought bullets for the gun, loaded the gun, and brought it with him.

  3. accosted Ms. Miller, be it via attempted rape, battery, or other punishable action.

  4. who easily out-weighs and out-muscles Ms. Miller, reached for the gun in his pocket that had been there all morning.

  5. fired the gun once, then thrice more times.

Then, as she lay quivering, Simpson hovered over, and at close range, fired a fifth bullet that literally blew off her head.

Victimized Twice Over

Murderers such as Simpson are authentic menaces to society. Brainwashed by decades of ‘lamestream’ blather, the social sentiment of some people, such as the jury in question, enable such assailants to not meet their just fates.

In 30 years, has anything in this realm improved? Actually, the situation has gotten worse. Along with woke juries, every day George Soros-funded district attorneys in 20% of the major cities across America allow bonafide murderers to walk around freely.

Murderers Walk Among Us, Coddled by the Left (

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