The Contradiction Thread!

This is priceless and I think I will save these quotes for my scrap book! If you have others please post!

Lisa Page testimony:

—I still didn’t know who Chris Steele even was as of Aug 2016. No idea. Total mystery.

Bruce Ohr testimony:

—I met with Lisa Page to pass on Steele’s reporting to her and Andy McCabe on July 30 (or by the very latest Aug 3)

Glenn Simpson testimony:

—I never met anyone at DOJ or FBI before the 2016 election

Bruce Ohr testimony:

—I met Glenn Simpson in Aug 2016

John Podesta testimony:

—I’ve no idea who Fusion GPS are or anything about this dossier

(Sat next to Marc Elias who was paying Fusion GPS. Podesta was also being briefed on the dossier reporting by Elias, as was Clinton’s campaign manager Robby Mook)

Glenn Simpson testimony:

—I‘m not aware of any version of the Steele dossier being given to the FBI

Peter Strzok (internal FBI email):

—We received a version of the dossier from [Glenn] Simpson

Glenn Simpson testimony:

—Apart from Edward Baumgartner we didn’t any Russian speakers at Fusion GPS prior to the election

Nellie Ohr testimony (coming soon):

—I speak Russian and I worked for Fusion GPS prior to the election

Comey (signed on a FISA application):

—This is a “VERIFIED APPLICATION”, using the Woods Procedures, in Oct 2016

McCabe testimony:

—We wouldn’t have got that FISA warrant without the dossier

James Clapper (Comey’s boss, in his book):

—We hadn’t verified the dossier as of Jan 2017

FBI internal source review, 2016:

—Dossier only “minimally corroborated”

CNN Jan 2017, quoting unnamed government officials:

—Dossier allegations only “recently” “checked out” by FBI

Adam Schiff memo:

—Devin Nunes “overstated” Bruce Ohr’s role in interacting with Steele and the FBIs investigation

Internal DOJ docs:

—Ohr interacted with Steele dozens of times, in person, text, email, calls

Ohr testimony:

—I gave Steele’s reporting directly to Andy McCabe

And that’s off the top of my head

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