The coming veto over the National Emergency

With both houses passing a resolution gating the declared National Emergency at the border, Trump will likely veto the resolution. This is how we got here:

Congress, both houses, both parties are cowards. Congress should have reclaimed their power years ago yet did nothing. The same applies to this congress.

How did congress vote:
Democrats, who are dead set against Trump’s declaration as it is Trump. Many of them called it a grossly immoral travesty that would compound the problems at the border.

A few democrats whine about the president bypassing congresses power of the purse.

Some Democrats are dismissive of the notion that there was an emergency at all.

Some conservative lawmakers view Trump’s order as a violation of the legislative branch’s power of the purse. The same hypocrites who gave us repeated continuing resolutions shirking their power of the purse as they cannot compromising to reach agreement.

Then we have the undecided Republicans caught between two bad choices voting against a Republican president or voting against a joint resolution that stops this president from taking action which changes nothing.

Neither party has ever proposed ending the presidents power to claim a national emergency which other presidents hav used and neither party hav said a word.

In the end, the democrats and republicans could care less about the flood of people claiming asylum, illegals entering the country, the free flow of drugs across the border. They both live in a bubble unaffected by the crisis at the southern border. The president is tasked with enforcing laws which congress past and present have enacted yet they refuse fund the necessary money to enforce the laws. We have a backlog of yeas for immigration, asylum hearings as congress refuses to appropriately fund enforcement of THEIR laws.

As a side note:
Lawmakers in both chambers are supposed to review national emergencies every six months to determine whether they are still appropriate. Not once has this occurred in the 42 years the law has been on the books. It’s why there ar 23 active emergencies on the books from past presidents.

This brings up a thought, what of a congress refused to fund Social Security? If they can refuse to fund enforcement of immigration laws they could also refuse to fund SS or medicare or the ACA.