The comedy show of the idiot Garlan TV hearings

Wow if ya want to laugh this was like Hogans Heroes, Srgt Schultz , Pervert Joe Biden AG I KNOW NOTHING 58 times, at one point they asked the idiot what his name was and he said I do not know Barack Obama is the POTUS Today can you believe this and The movie Clip the Dems did nut want you to see was of Obama banging Pelosi and Kamala Harris wow what a bunch of fricking ididt , What say you? I used spell check , The really hialiruious Question by a fat Bk\lack Democrat Brad is di you hear of the 1/6/2021 Intersection, Garland said well I do not know Biden told me not to answer and Questions about that and Nadler jumped in and said , I am the leader I will tell you what to say and when? Kamala Harris was in the back of the room Banging Willie Brown and Montel Williams no masks and a closeup showed Legs spread wide open Kamala NO CONDOM pigs