The Chicanery of Democrats Again with the Latest Omnibus Spending Bill (Shut Down the Government!)

With everything that is going on with the myriad of issues that serves as distractions, its no wonder that the Democrats could pass through a 2741 page spending bill that will be voted on the next day. Who has time to read that many pages in a matter of hours? The Democrats up to their old tricks again designed it that way in order to rush another monstrosity through for a vote. Not only is this not on par with the house rules, but its downright deceptive to the very definition of the word. If a Government shut down needs to happen then it should. Part of this spending package is giving away millions to Ukraine that the Tax payers didn’t agree upon nor voted for. This is downright robbery and treasonous before our very eyes all headed by Nancy Pelosi, the inside trader grifter herself is showing much hubris when trying to justify this piece of garbage during a recent press conference that has many outraged including myself!

MTG pretty much lays everything out in succinct terms what is really going on with this turd and it should not be allowed to happen.

Marjorie says shut it down.

Washington — The House is moving closer to a vote Wednesday on a $1.5 trillion omnibus spending bill to keep the federal government open and provide $13.6 billion in aid for Ukraine and Eastern European countries.

A dispute over how to pay for the COVID-related provisions prompted House Speaker Nancy Pelosi to remove the pandemic money from the bill Wednesday afternoon, a move she called “heartbreaking.”

Republicans had demanded the $15.6 billion be offset by cuts elsewhere, and Democrat leaders agreed to cover half the cost by using leftover money from previous pandemic aid. But that earned objections from some Democratic members, who said their states already had plans to spend the funds.

To alleviate a potential time crunch in the Senate, the House was also poised to vote on a short-term continuing resolution that would keep government agencies running through March 15 if the omnibus spending bill does not get to Biden’s desk before the end of the week.