The Boston BLM Leader is Charged in an 18 Count Federal Indictment of Fraud

Boston social justice activist, hubby scammed at least $185K from donors: feds

Time stamped at 17:12

BLM rule this Country and blacks are held UNACCOUNTABLE!!!

That is true, but just like a pendulum swings, it won’t be like that forever!

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As long as the dems are in office there will be no change and we have far too many limp wrist ■■■ liberals that preach bullshit of 400 years past .

Well, it might appear that way right now, but things are in a constant state of flux. I have seen what is happening, whether one succeeds or not that remains to be seen, but one thing I do know, nothing lasts forever, including blacks and their militant wing, as well as Obama and his minions having influence. Everyone dies eventually!